Noel Gallagher


Is he working with new writing partners and/or has he got someone else doing his arrangements?

His new songs are good. They’re not very Noel-y. Feels like a significant change in direction.

Not taking the piss.


Got a scissors player innit


I enjoy the new High Flying Birds record. I don’t love it but there are some really good tracks and no guff filling it up.




David Holmes produced the new album, and apparently rejected anything that sounded too like anything Gallagher had done before.

Holmes is pretty consistently ace, so it makes sense he’s had a positive effect.


This, for instance. Lyrically it’s quite Noel, but musically it’s really good. Got a sort of Sonic Youth-y constant guitar through it rather than the usual fade in/out stuff, and the structure seems more chorus/second chorus.


The opening track is the best thing I’ve heard Noel Gallagher do in decades:


Heard one of his new ones on 6music the other day. While not my thing, it was pretty far from generic Oasisness. Reckon he’s been hanging out with Paul Weller since his 22 Dreams detour?



The song on 6 music sounds like she bangs by Ricky martin


I keep people saying his new album is good, and I’ve not heard it or anything, but no way am I having that only now has he decided to kick a career-long habit of being the most derivative lazy songwriter going.


We don’t need a thread on this


If you mean ‘Holy Mountain’, yeah. I like it. Have they sampled the themetune to Bottom at the start?


It’s a music forum, you tiresome bell.


The intro to this is great…

Not sure these are his songs.


Yeah Holy Mountain is a stinker but as mentioned above the opening tune is a right banger.

Have only listened to a couple of other tracks so far, he was obviously never gonna go full on psych but still seems like a big improvement. David Holmes always does a decent job


As sung by the guy from the vaccines


Also I guess he was hinting at this sort of stuff back on Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, even if it was shit


theyve had xfm on at the place i’ve been working and the djs keep going on about how it’s THE MOST EXPERIMENTAL RECORD OF THE YEAR or something, so maybe my expectations were a bit high.

sounds nice enough but it’s just a different strain of lates 90s guitar music really eh.


I think this is fantastic, might get the album :smiley: