Noel Gallagher


Holy Mountain sounds like The Vaccines.


Something something The Vaccines


If nothing else, at least there’s a sense of energy and fun about it, and it’s not another 11 dreary acousticy strummy anthemy songs.

The best chance of any decent records coming from the Oasis split was Noel going off and doing a record with David Holmes and Liam doing an album with Death in Vegas*, so half of that is something.

*That recent DIV album with Sasha Grey was the best thing they’ve done though, so they don’t really need Liam.


Can’t stand him

Bit tired of you picking and choosing which replies deserve a response from you, tbh,


Yeah, this is a perfectly fine album that’s certainly different from the previous one (which I liked, despite the lyrics). The bonus track is particularly great and probably my favorite on the album.


Enjoying this album - agree the bonus track is also great.



Id imagine it’s a joke. He tweeted about that review the other week


yeah but that’s pretty much all guitar music now tbh.


It’s definitely not his classic sound (Liam is doing that) but i think the fact that he isn’t resting on his laurels and still risking things by not doing the obvious is respectful.


Most of the hardened Oasis fanboys hate it.

Surely that alone is reason enough to hype it up a bit?


Except Gas Panic.


And Fuckin’ in the Bushes.


Just on my first listen, and I have to say that it’s really fucking good.

If he’s ripping anyone off, Its be Primal Scream, but he’s doing a great job.


hah. wow. you weren’t kidding with the Sonic Youth comparison. I mean, a certain kind of Sonic Youth track, but still. the drums are pretty central to that, too.

before the second part, at least.

not terrible!


how much of this is Gallagher and how much is Holmes?

bassline is great. I mean, it’s basically a Primal Scream bassline, isn’t it. sounds mint, too.

the high drone and the alarm sound are nice and all.

feels like this is good despite Noel, really.


fucking hell, I might even listen to this one again.

production is brilliant. great feeling of space, nice details.

just wish there was a less generic vocal presence than that tiresome knob.


Add me to Team “I can’t stand the man and his voice but this is actually perfectly OK”.


Black and White Sunshine sounds like a proper Oasis early doors b-side.

That’s good. Always a b-sides band for me.

The vocal hook in the chorus is properly 90s.


hes just been listening to more ricky martin (his current single is She Bangs)