Noel Gallagher


i see this has been covered


It’s the best thing he’s put his name to since 1995, isn’t it? Hated the single at first but I love it now. It’s just so stupid and joyous - a world away from the dirges he’s been releasing since the late 90s.

It’s not without filler, but a Noel Gallagher album in 2017 with at least 6 (by my reckoning) bangers on it - who saw that coming?


The session track at the end’s a fucking triumph. On a par with The Masterplan or one of the other sappy acoustic belters he wrote when coming down off all the flake.


He was interviewed on Sodajerker (the songwriting podcast) the other day. A nice listen - he comes across really well in the interview; outlines how this album stands apart from his other stuff (mainly his relationship with the producer) and why that is, but also talks a bit about ambling into some of the bigggest songs ever written etc and drops a few C-bombs.


Although the funniest bit is that he keeps referring to Kanye West’s ‘THE Power’ :joy:


currently on track 4, it is actually really good so far

when his first solo album came i thought this was pretty good (rather mournful, miles from his laddish landfill shit) and quite enjoyed the first single but that was it


That new one that sounds like Ricky Martin is actually quite good


I was getting tilted that people seemd to not like it, i think it’s a banger and mash mate


Yeah only heard it once but its the definition of a banger

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Thoughts on his new song?

I think the lyrics let it down a bit but I do like the build up and some of the subtle little guitar bits


Enjoyable enough, nothing really stands out about it, but it’s a lot better than what Liam is putting out. Just feels a bit dated.


Find it pretty dull, to be honest, as I did his last album.
Props for mixing it up and trying a new direction but if this is the chosen path I’d rather just wait for the next Primal Scream album. (Not an Oasis fanboy either).


If Arcade Fire released this sort of stuff people would say it was shit.

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where as its Noel Gallagher and it’s also shit.


I still like quite like this to be honest, the bass is nice.

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TBH far too many good new acts I keep discovering for me to waste time on the old faves. I’ve got Definitely Maybe and the b-sides from the first two records, what more do I need?

It’s not a dig at Noel either, this goes for all the artists/bands of that era with the exception of Radiohead. Even then, A Moon Shaped Pool isn’t one I go back to really.


Surely you make an exception for the Pumpkins also?

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I reckon that’ll do. I’d even ditch the album 2 B sides. The Masterplan is dreadful. I don’t know why anyone ever held it up as art.


I’m glad this album got quite a bit of praise on here


It’s pretty bland but Acquiesce is a WTSMG b-side and I seem to recall other ones that were good

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