Noga Erez

Since I’m not a fan of rolling threads in general, here’s a thread about another artist who’s gotten me proper excited lately.

First I’d heard of her was this song coming up in a playlist or Discover Weekly or something I was listening to

I liked it a LOT. Listened on repeat. Then discovered this one and did the same

Discovered today through the New releases thread that her debut album is out today.

First listen through and I’m loving this, so now there’s a thread.


Just read that she first got attention through a song being used for an Apple commercial. Did not know that.

Listening to the album now, really good. Have been loving End of the Road this year due to someone posting it in the pop or bangers thread.


Maybe this was where I found it too, sounds like something I’d do. If I like something a bit I chuck it in my starred list and now and again listen through again, but with no recollection of where I first discovered it. It’s my way of doing this


Good album eh?

Brilliant record

Great news. McKinley Dixon has released one of the best rap albums of this year so this could be a great gig.