Noises You're Not Keen On


The internal sound of the last dregs of a drink swishing into my mouth



the loud beep when SE train doors open


Tom Waits’ voice


I feel pity for this


Hand dryers and ofher people eating.


metal cutlery scraping together


Butchers sharpening knives against each other

Cutlery scraping across opaque plates



Ed Sheeran


Snot-filled sniffles.
What @grievoustim said, sometimes the tv will use a metal knife to stir something in a metal pan. I have to leave the room.
Burps that sound like the person is going to barf. UGGGGGH.


Bit shrill, innit.


if you’re stood where you should be (i.e. to the right or left of where the door is to let people off, it sounds directly into your ear :’(


oh yes - my eldest does the metal spoon thing making porridge sometimes. Have to remove it from her hand and replace it with a wooden one


Other people eating. Specifically if they’re eating an apple.


Other people eating, especially if it involves smacking or opening their mouth at all while chewing.
Loud breathing.
The canned laughter on Miranda does right through me for some reason, even from another room.
Nail files.


those southeastern trains to go through new cross with their fucking fake bugle


It’s like a fucking deep space airlock. The pneumatic blast is so damn loud.


the sound of a landline telephone ringing


all alarm clocks


The sound of a chain that needs some lube


Or carrots. Or celery.