Noises You're Not Keen On

I get a noise whenever I receive an email. Changed it to the nicest one (calm, unassuming single bell chime) but it’s still gone Pavlov’s Dog and triggers immediate fury.

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The sound of a metal spade scraping across concrete / digging into coarse sand.

There are some people who will tell you that this is an overreaction, but I am 100% with you on this.


metal knife? I meant cutlery. He’s not a maniac!

My tablet has this incredibly irritating notification tone and it keeps switching itself off silent mode to try to be helpful and it’s INFURIATING.

scots and their tablet eh


Wasp-in-a-tin-can mopeds. Change gear you fucking morons.

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Oooo, I actually really love these sounds! Especially the coarse sand!! Mmm satisfying.


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Boss distortion pedals.

Ugh, no. Reminds me of having to walk the half a mile to Southbourne beach from where we’d parked the car, and my brother dragging his spade all the way down the road / promenade. Sets my teeth on edge just thinking about it.

those old ringtones that sounded like a ball bouncing and then a bird tweeting

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Eek, yeah that does not sound nice.

it’s not canned


Well that just adds a new level of existential horror to it.


Basically everything.

Being in a room with poor acoustics and lots of people in it. Hate the way that people’s voices just seem to rise to a point where I can’t hear myself think or concentrate on what people are saying to me.

I’ve been to a few restaurants like this.

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The crunching noise of a wet gravel path. It’s set me on edge just thinking about it.

you could almost say it drives you crazy paving!!!