Anyone had a bang on this yet? I, Partridge audiobook is pretty much one of the funniest things. i have only done an hour of Nomad so far and it hasn’t grabbed me yet…


Fucking shit pricks


Nomad is an island.


Total dedication and a lot of devotion
Well, magical moments, moments are magical
Star-call mystical, logical, lyrical
Magical moments are meant to be kept
Don’t erase them from your brain, I need to inject
I have a dream, there’s a nightmare inside me
It’s getting me uptight for the sight is a fright
’cause night creeps in creeping, creeping, slowly
Gassing, frightening, spooky
’cause a frightning nightmare terrorise
Poll tax came and up went the rise
Open your eyes and realise
I’m a trully disguise
Like hawk, the slayer, he came and courted
Maggie came, but now she’s slaughtered

I wanna give you devotion

So don’t use, abuse or lose, you’re a flotex
Rock the mike to the disc
And don’t get upset
Rhyme in time for the finest quality
That’s the time when you know you’re an M.C.
M.i.k., double e, take it down, Mikee
M.i.k., double e



you’re a flotex


I’ll probably get it at some point. Maybe over the festive.


Chadders has asked me to bump this thread.


You done anymore of it Lonz? Is it picking up?


Yeah, there are a few bits where I have laughed. I’m mainly listening to it in the motor so not 100% attention. As soon as I finish it I will listen to it again and then give a full and frank judgement.


Lovely stuff.


This might turn up on Christmas day (I doubt it). I too look forward to your full and frank judgement.