Nominate One Album That Everyone Should Hear Before Doing Their Year End List


Think I would go for Trust Fund’s album. This has really kind of snuck up on me to be my album of the year, such a shame they have broken up.


Would strongly recommend Ingrid Plum’s album / project Taut. Basically Ingrid interprets and performs scores by an array of sound artists, experimental musicians, visual artists etc.

The scores are presented in a book that is the album w/download, so you can see what she’s working from, which I find super interesting especially as the scores are so variee. Ingrid’s amazinflg vocals lead most pieces, but also electronics, tape-twisting, loops, singing bowl drones etc. It’s cool!


I know it says “nominate one”, but I feel like I want to shout out three proper folky records.

like, if you’re allergic to actual British folk music, you might not like these. but that’s your loss, because they’re all ace.

I figure Richard Dawson has a lot of fans on here, and has perhaps given people the taste for this sort of thing anew? see also Shirley Collins making her comeback, and Alasdair Roberts has some kudos in the indie world, right? which reminds me, I must give his newish one a listen.

‘Follow Them True’ by Stick in the Wheel

RIYL the idea of politically charged, spectral folk that sounds like it haunts old cobbled alleyways between pubs in old parts of London that might not even still exist, idk.

‘Futtock Shrouds’ by She Shanties

RIYL the amazing loose, hearty choral bits on Richard Dawson’s albums, but sung entirely by women. v. impressed by the lead vocalist on this particular tune, had no idea she could sing like this :heart: not being a nepotist tho, this lot are legit

‘The Ox and The Ax’ by Cath & Phil Tyler

RIYL warm, well-worn folk songs being passed along in a lamplit farm kitchen or something?? I’m not feeling very eloquent today. it has that kind of intimate, unpretentious and lived-in feel.


Ooh, haven’t listened to anything by Cath & Phil Tyler since Dumb Supper, need to check that out. And the others :+1:


ahhh, you like them? :slight_smile: I saw Cath at Carefully Planned Festival a few years back. she’s also a She Shanty, I believe.

really think She Shanties are especially brilliant and deserving of wider coverage. didn’t know they’d put this up on Spotify!

that Stick in the Wheel album was reviewed by Pitchfork, so I’m a little sad to not hear more people talking about it.

I’m sure you’ll love all three! :smiley:


Karine Polwart’s “Laws Of Motion” deserves every plaudit it has received and plenty more. Poetic, fiery and compassionate. Well worth anyone’s time.


Leo Imai’s ‘‘VLP’’

Really great album, very varied and his vocals are something to behold. Very flexible and just pure Adrenalin. His influences from Yellow Magic Orchestra, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Number Girls is shown and he has grown to be a remarkable Song-writer.


Dance On The Blacktop by Nothing has really tickled my fancy this year!


I’d like to offer up:
Lylo’s Post Era. Glasgow 5 piece who i find it quite hard to define.
But this record is spacy and funky with a bit of pop and lots of saxaphone. They’re kinda like a jazzy indie pop band.
Came out in january and i’ve listened to it loads. They are also a fucking amazing live band, really great players.
Glasgow has a brilliant music scene right now, as it’s had for ages but for me these guys sit at the top.



YOB Our Raw Heart

An amazing LP from start to finish. Is there a better trio making music right now? I don’t think so. Plus they are amazing live, and Mike Schiedt seems like one of the very good guys in metal right now, a really smart and interesting guy writing some great tunes and using music to overcome some serious health issues that he’s had. Even if you’re not normally into heavy stuff, give it a go… for fans of neurosis/ISIS/wolves etc. doom metal meets post rock maybe… crushingly heavy at times but also really melodic and emotional.


I’ve clearly got a lot a catching up to do this year via this thread. I think the only two I’ve seen on here that’ll currently (probably) be on my aoty list are Cupcakkke and Hilary Woods. My contribution is ‘Emakhosini’, by BCUC. One of the best live bands I saw this year, described as “20 minute, funk modulations from Soweto, inheriting the spirit of Fela and Batsumi, the conscience of hip-hop and the energy of punk-rock.” Which probably just about covers it:


Birds In Row. ‘Screamo’, for want of a better word, though you could just call it post-hardcore. Anyway, it’s really fucking good.


So many I would like to name here, but in keeping with the nature of the thread I’ll go for the one I feel may have had least exposure, and may well get overlooked as a result of it’s November release date:

Vera Sola - Shades
A phenomenal, timeless voice. Solo singer-songwriter who recorded the whole thing herself, and was previously a member of Elvis Perkins touring band. Very retro feel, southern gothic with deeply western vibe. Lots of upright bass and jangly guitar lines. FFO Angel Olsen, Nick Cave, Marissa Nadler, Johnny Cash. It’s dark, but a fun listen at the same time. The below tracks are great but be sure to check out Circles too


Really enjoying this Hilary Woods album @sean Thanks for sharing!


actually forgot to mention the Elza Soares record Deus e Mulher (God is a Woman), seems to have barely been acknowledged despite Woman at the End of the World getting loads of praise, reckon this is better
should sue Ariana Grande for nicking her record title


And they’ve been nominated in the skinny’s album of the year list :grinning::+1:


Really glad to hear that. Jasper did a great interview with her if you missed it


Yeah I’ve been listening to this loads :+1:


Black Foxxes - REIðI