Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


I realise we only ever meet up in pubs which is fun for a lot of people but not for everyone and there are probably some people on here who would like to hang out in other contexts too. there are sports things but I guess that’s different maybe. this is just for meeting people off here and having a nice time.

  • cinema
  • coffee
  • restaurant
  • walk in the countryside when the weather is nicer
  • visit to a city farm when the weather is nicer
  • something else
  • terrible idea and thread just stop

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If you would like to go to a restaurant, please see this post below and fill out your availability for January Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


Don’t drink but love to eat


This is a really lovely idea DB. Bloody love a city farm too.


Yeah often thought about a DiS meal. Would be good in theory but hard to organise maybe. Always up for coffee and/or nice walks.


Game of softball followed by a slap up meal


that sounds like my exact cup of tea ma9


You’ve missed the bike ride option :wink:


Cinema could be very divisive too. Unless we all go and see Paddington 2.


This is a great idea!


also not so good for chatting


So you’re saying I can’t bring my hip flask to a city farm now? This country


Ffs had to delete my incredible joke about sneaking a hip flask into Paddington 2


Yeah not into social cinema trips, sorry guys!


Went to the Cinema to see 300 back in the day and one of the group brought a full size bottle of famous grouse and a glass. Just sat there pouring whiskeys for the whole 2 hours.


Think people basically vilified me on here for sharing this but 300 remains the only film I’ve walked out the cinema because it was too shit.


Can I sneak a hip flask into this thread and all associated activities?


Not a Londoner but would 100% love this




we’ll probably really struggle to get a group booking at a time that suits everyone this side of new year so let’s book it for something nice to look forward to in January?

anyone with dietary requirements let us know (or pm me) and we’ll try to find somewhere that is tasty AND accessible for everyone


Also the real answer is buy tix for progress wrestling obvs