Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


Okay, if you’re down in April I am coming to visit then too!


Ok really going to try to make this so I don’t know if it’s worth putting me down (if it’s too much trouble if I can’t make it then please dw)


yeah they were totally fine with adding three chairs when I called earlier so I think if we need an extra it should be fine (or someone can sit on my knee)

@wewerewerewolvesonce and @wonton you both still up for this?


Yep I might have missed this but what time are we meeting?


This’ll be so brilliant!! Really wish I lived closer. Have lots of fun everyone!! :heart:


I totally missed this and definitely would have come but I am away :frowning:



Its booked for 1945 but i think some of us might hang out before. I will be in the british museum from 1800-1930 and pn is going for nice coffee.


I will try and not be drunk


@DarwinBabe I’m guessing your housing situation is still not good, yeah?

I’m gonna be needing somewhere to stay overnight, is the thing. pls halp, somebody.


I could probably! Let me check with the tv.


I could probably put you up here, but obviously a DiSer actually in London would be far more convenient for you, and also there is a possibility I may be leaving before the end which you may not want to do. But if all else fails…


good to know :slight_smile: then I’d get to meet R, right?

London preferably tho, yeah!


You would indeed, if not there is always another time :slight_smile:


my place is a tip but always room for you if needs be bud x


I would love to stay in your tip, Ruffers. love a good tip. squalor = soul.

if that sounds like a lost Manics b-side, it’s probably because I’m picturing your leather jacket.


Can confirm this is a nice flat with cats and views. (I am too incompetent to get the night bus home).


Hi guys, potentially long and self-absorbed post warning here.

So, I am incredibly excited for Friday, but also quite scared at the same time. Some of you may already know this from posts of mine on here that I am autistic (aspergers syndrome), and if you know a bit about autism you would also probably guess that this kind of large group social situation in a busy place is not necessarily my natural environment. Basically the reason I am writing this is because it might make me feel more at ease, and less like I am imposing my company, to explain a bit of how I am and why this is something I am trying very much out of my very limited comfort zone.

Edit: fuck, I posted way to early, now I feel like an idiot and am mildly panicking, any @moderators could this possibly be deleted?


hey this isn’t too early. and it makes total sense. and you know what, it’s really good of you to tell people in advance because i can’t imagine how scary that is. it’s amazing that you’re coming and i can tell you for a fact that dis is the gentlest bunch so try not to worry x

edit: oh wait you mean you hit ‘post’ too early, as opposed to it being ‘too early’ before the event! apologies, keep going!


Glad that you felt like you could mention this in advance it’ll to be great to have you there. Feel free to PM/flag the post if you need anything specifically deleted or edited.


Could I potentially have the incomplete post removed? Or actually, don’t worry I was just unnecessarily embarrassed about sending it too soon, I will just carry on and post the rest of it below. Thanks, and sorry for calling out the mods just because I made a silly mistake :flushed: