Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


Ce n’est pas probleme mon ami


Take 2:

Hi guys, potentially long and self-absorbed post warning here.

So, I am incredibly excited for Friday, but also quite scared at the same time. Some of you may already know this from posts of mine on here that I am autistic (aspergers syndrome), and if you know a bit about autism you would also probably guess that this kind of large group social situation in a busy place is not necessarily my natural environment. Basically the reason I am writing this is because it might make me feel more at ease, and less like I am imposing my company, to explain a bit of how I am and why this is something I am trying very much out of my very limited comfort zone.

Some things:
-I have a lot of difficulty distinguishing a single voice when I can hear more than one, so if I am talking to you I apologise if I have to ask you to repeat, or seem to be blanking you when it is actually my brain taking slightly longer to process and filter the relevant sound.
-eye contact is not very natural to me, some people seem to see it as a sign I am not listening but I can promise you I am engaged even if I am not looking at you.
-as much as I might be enjoying myself, lots of noise and social contact can fatigue me, so it might be the case that I have to leave a bit early (I may have to anyway because of travelling from outside of London, and also knowing I will have to be awake early as ever)
-I can get a bit too enthusiastic talking about things sometimes and dominate a conversation without realising it, please know that I will not be offended tp have this pointed out if I am doing it.
-it has been forever since I have been to any non-family social occasion that wasn’t my aspie book club or just seeing a single friend, so this is uncharted territory for me.

I am probably forgetting something, but this is overlong already. There are three things that make me want to do things that seem difficult on the surface: good company, good food and good music - Friday has 2/3 so it should be excellent.

I know you are all a GBOL so I should not be worrying (plus, @incandenza I have known for approximately forever and he is the absolute best) but anxiety is my default state and a bit hard to get away from.

tl;dr I can be a bit weird, just to let you know.


Thanks for the heads up, this is so helpful! Really looking forward to meeting you :smiley: xxx


Definitely wish I was going to this. You all seem like cool people. Someone who is good at organising things organise a Brum meat thx


And force all the DiSers to convene there like some weird Internet Herod


it’s a god damn all star cast, too. wanted to chat simpsons with jb and find out more about silversmithing with flashinglight :frowning:

and i’m just sat here like


My exact sentiments

Down to the Spider-Man pic


Would have been cool to meet you prof, it is a shame this wasn’t all organised before you moved. We can get someone to bring a tablet in and set you up on Skype for the evening? Like so -


i’ll settle for a life-sized/like mannequin placed at the end of the table


I might try astral projection


Thanks for posting this. If there’s anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable we will definitely do our best.

Really looking forward to meeting you and it’ll be good to hang out for a bit before :slight_smile:

I can also vouch for everyone who is going being really great, sensitive and caring people. I sometimes get really upset and anxious and people on here have been really good about it when its been around them.


Looking forward to meeting you FL! As others have said, anything at all we can do to make it easier for you just say. Having been there on “busy” nights of the week I can say that it’s maybe not as big as you might imagine, but we’ll all do what we can to make it as comfortable as possible. xx


This looks like a great group for a meet-up…really disappointed I won’t make it, but pencil me in for the future!

Oh and put some photos up on the selfie thread too :slight_smile:


Dis looks like a fab meet-up. have a great time tomorrow guys :kissing_heart:


Hope you all have an amazing time tomorrow - still gutted not to be there and miss meeting those I’ve met before, and those I haven’t to date.

Would definitely be up for a bowling meet or similar - again, the theatre date falls on a night I can’t make otherwise I’d be all over that too.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say thanks for people responding, liking or even just reading my long post yesterday, you are all awesome and I know I will enjoy meeting you guys tomorrow :slight_smile:

I remembered one other thing: personally I find making a decision on where to sit at a table an impossibly complex choice, so if I seem like I am frozen after entering the restaurant, can someone please just grab my arm and drag me to a seat. I will be fine sitting anywhere so long as it is not directly under a speaker! I guess I also feel more at ease with a wall behind me, but that isn’t important.


Hey y’all

I’m ill


But it just means

a) gonna likely not eat and just watch you all eat while drinking many coffees and

b) no one snog me aight?


Hey if you’re ill don’t worry about it mate. But if youre not THAT ill then please do come xxxx


I am def coming :slight_smile: if I end up feeling balls after a couple hours I’ll scurry off but I wanna see/meet everyone <3


I’m excited

I have my bike so you’ll get full plasticnikkers

I’m not sure if plasticmichael is coming now if anyone wants his spot