Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


I would have loved to come but Friday’s a workday for me and I won’t finish much/anything before the restaurant does.
Will deffo be there if I’ve got a day off next time, or I’m not working until silly o’clock.


i finish at 7pm today coz they rota’d me wrong. so you’ll see me about 7.30 :slight_smile:


Ok im going for 7.45




I will be at the main entrance of the british museum at 6pm. I think everyone knows what i look like ?


6’4. dreads. leather.



I’ll probably grab a coffee in TAP on TCR (it’s like a 5 minute walk from the restaurant) at 6ish if anyone wants to join me.


I hear the food and the music at Mestizo is :ok_hand:

Really looking forward to meeting you Fl!


What’s the agenda then, friends? I’ma probably finish work around 1730 or so and walk to wherever whatever’s happening is happening.


:wave: hi!

I reckon I’ll join you chief.




I am going to the British Museum at 6pm and then the restaurant which is booked for 7.45pm.

If anyone wants my number Pm me for it x


Is Bad Tone coming?


Sorry I can’t make this, it sounds like the Drag Race All Stars of DiS!

Have fun chums :+1:


Fuck yeah, getting tooled up for it mate.


likewise, I’ll be at TAP coffee from 6, PM me for my number

just had another look at the menu for this place and holy christ I am going to need roughly a year to decide what to eat


hey @DarwinBabe is the table in yer name? Should be there, well, dunno… soon as I can!


I am coaching in as I type. due in for like… between 13:30 and 14:00?

kind of wish I could crash somewhere and sleep for a couple of hours. haven’t slept much at allll.


sleep on coach pls


Can’t wait for a small, hip hang-out.