Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


Yeah its in my real name C******* G***


@plasticniki me too! I have your number already I think so I’ll probably be at Euston for 6ish and will find you guys


After I meet you we can find a quiet coffee place which has sofas and you can have a nap while I watch your bag and sip a cappuccino? tbh, I think I will be missing not having my afternoon nap…

@DarwinBabe I think me and incandenza will be heading to meet you at the museum, if we aren’t already there before :slight_smile:




3/3 potentially then! Looking forward to meeting you too JI, looking forward to meeting EVERYONE! :grinning:

(I think I might be excited)




Shall meet the other history buffs at the British Museum, some time between 6 PM and 7 PM.


I am ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED ughhhhh idk what to do. (Famously living outside London it’s a bit of a trek)


so i reckon you guys should have finished eating by 9?

so if i turned up then that would be good?


@plasticniki @jazzballet



I may not make it ;_; still at work but will update when I can


nah impossible. you’re coming


I am a notoriously slow eater but dont mond if you join any time


I am still at my office but will be walking somewhere soon, as yet I don’t really know where I will walk. This coffee place? The exit of the British Museum? The restaurant!? Time will tell…


My number is 077609034[the amount CG makes in a year minus 12]


That makes your number at least five digits too long…

If you were going to give a fake you could have at least done it via PM to not make me look like a loser :disappointed:


i’ve just had a lemsip max to keep my grouchy illface at bay. i am definitely coming. for at least an hour. i wanna meet and see everyone for a good amount of time. and then i will run away and be sad at home with a throat of razors


Hmmmm is it going to be an issue if I arrive at like 8.20?


I’m sure that’d be cool. We could order for you if needs be.


Nondont include the 000 silly