Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


@Antpocalypsenow is explaining The Chase to @plasticniki and it’s the best thing ever

Now we are discussing Cj De mooi killing a man


So DiS


what’s this photos of empty plates business all about? i want to see el grubbo


Too consumed with eating, took my pictures too late :frowning:

We’re all done now.


I’m hoping it’s a Rick Stein homage. There’s also a good looking mural on the wall to get the Mexican history lesson in


I feel like if there’s anything that would dissolve my natural tendency towards shyness, it is the opportunity to have a conversation about murderous TV quizzers


Was the place still good? It was fucking legit when I went 2 Years ago

eta: :duck:


Photos of people pls! I want to feel like I’m there!!

Hope you’re all having the best time!!


Didn’t take so many photos, sorry :frowning:
Here’s one of xylo and irons with Mexican Churchill in the background:

People moved on to a pub, I had to head home because it is well past my bedtime.


Amazing!! Did you have a good night?


It was really cool, everyone was awesome and the food was great! I still feel like a bit of a failure at functioning socially, but the good thing is I didn’t feel judged for it which meant I could enjoy things more :+1:

As I guess is normal with a group that size, I wish I had been able to talk to people for longer. I was sat next to @AcceptanceIII at the restaurant and he was totally cool :slight_smile:



Anyone fancy a walk from somewhere along the river past the Thames Barrier? I have a good route in mind. Thermoses required.


That’s great! … the not being judged part I mean, they’re such a good bunch, as are you. I’m more than sure you have no reason to feel like a failure either :slight_smile: glad you had a good night!! Xxx


Really lovely evening. Again please.


yes yes yes i do


The curse of the DiSMeat.


Absolute GBOL as ever. Can’t believe I got to meet Tone in the flesh as well as Fl and incandenza. Talked extensively to jazzyb about The Simpsons :heart_eyes:

Edit: and @xylo too!


Glad it went well. I’ll have to strategically schedule a trip to stay in London for a (hopeful) sequel




How many mortal enemies can one man have?