Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


…at least one more, Col :no_mouth:


Was so nice. Sorry I was knackered.


It’s a good thing you like me then :slight_smile:


lovely bunch of GBOL as always

really glad i came along even if i wasn’t there for the meal, will defo come for food next time

oh and also i’ve realisesd it’s actually the second DiS meet i’ve done sober, the first being a wethercrawl haha

you have absolutely nothing to worry about i can assure you a million percent! what was the name of the book with the frogs? i wanna look up some of the pictures cos they were brilliant (having and discussing books at a DiS meet was a very DiS thing to happen, i love it)



definitely plenty of DiSers who would really like to meet you :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

It was ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Grey and Jim Field, I also highly recommend the sequels: ‘Oi Dog’ and ‘Oi Cat’.


So great to see everyone! Thanks again to @DarwinBabe for sorting it out.
And @Flashinglight is as awesome as you would expect! Top, top GBOL!


Found a bonus pub photo

Not sure what pervert is doing but I’m pretty sure it’s great!


“Pervert” :smiley:


if anyone’s wondering about the book here are some of the frogs, i hope your son likes it as much as i did @Flashinglight !


a cat :cat:


Looking forward to reading it to him tomorrow, going to put on my best frog voice :frog:


there’s a 'denza in my room


Excited for your album to drop


I forgot in the excitement earlier to say that it was a massive shame that @ericV couldn’t make it - guess I will have to wait for the Youthmovies gig to meet you!


Some ideas which were floated over dinner:
-flashcards of Simpsons memes to allow them to be used in real life settings with ease.
-DiSers having individual stamps so you can collect who you have met in a little book (on reflection, I think stickers would work better).


Enjoyed reading through this while pished. Solid bunch of lads and lasses






Yep, same! Wish I was there homies!