Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


hahahaha oh christ aye, within about 5 minutes of meeting as well. Was that because we didn’t have anything else on us or were we just pure scum


both :smiley:


sounds about right


to be honest both times we’ve hung out have been a drunken haze, I’m not 100% sure if you really exist or you’re a figment of my imagination who shows up every now and then when I’m really fucked up (which then by extention means you’re an alt-account)


All I can say is if that’s true you have a lot to answer for


there’s a lot you guys don’t know about me


did eric eat a burrito?


he did an eric exit (never came)


I’m just playing conor oberst and elliott smith as 'denza mills around the flat. What a life.


the burritee hath become the burrit-no (show).


Look so so tired omg


DiSer Challenge coins

If there’s ever an MME version of this, I’d go along having seen how good a time you all seem to have had.


Up for MME meet




like, I’m the one who looks tired

srsly I looked (and still look) so bad compared to like, just a few days ago


Proper jealous you guys got to go to BM.

Might bunk off work sometime next week to go see some of that cool stuff (some of which we straight up jacked from other places)


Yeah basically all of it is stolen/ broken by british people


me too


Whatever was under that hat was definitely awesome. One day I will know


Shout out to @DarwinBabe for getting dis off its collective arse. I was gutted to be poorly and not be able to eat or stay too long, although @Jeremys_Iron had chocolate enchiladas which are still freaking me out.

Everyone was mega nice. @andyvine - @incandenza and I have plans to see your sweet face in the near future