Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


Side note that I’d forgotten that @aboynamedgoo has the most trustworthy face I’ve ever seen in my life. I would buy probably anything from that guy


Absolutely down with a panini disser book

Oooh Epimer shiny! NEED



Some of it was broken and then stolen, thank you very much


Dead nice meeting those of y’all I hadn’t met before and seeing those of y’all I had met before again. Thanks DazBaz for organising it all!


That would be amazing :grinning:

Not sure how you would decide who gets to be shinys… Mods? Top posters by volume? Chosen by poll?


Just Balonz to be the only shiny


Balonz would be the one on the last page that comes in multiple parts you have to line up (and inevitably get one slightly wonky and it still haunts you two decades later).


Turns out that I could have made this, as Chinese New Year is in a couple of weeks and I am stupid.


Sounds like you all had an awesome time!


Sorry was meant to post here if we went to the pub. We just went for one (maybe some quick drinkers had two) at a pub round the corner so didnt think anyone would make it there in tme.


This was fun.


Sounds like you all had a typically awesome time. :heart_eyes:

I’d given thought to genuinely getting an autograph book to collect DiSers I’d met in (ha! what a saddo, right?) - a sticker book sounds like an even better idea.


@wewerewerewolvesonce dude i was sorry not to chat to you and the guys at t;other end of table :frowning: however i’m def coming to more of these!


Awesome people, awesome scenes good to catch up with loads of folks and meet some new people too :+1: I’ll definitely try and circulate a bit more the next time I go to one of these things.


No worries man! I got there late and got caught up just talking to the people at the other end of the table.


Could get them of @Bamnan drawings?!


^ get a bingo marker and print off bam’s big pic & carry out round with you


great idea!


too bad top trumps inherently implies that some would be better than others or I would totally make a deck of these.


Looks like it was a great night :+1:

I’ll try and come to the next one.