Non-alcohol centred DiS meets


you could have it as one of those double books that you can use from the front, or flip it over and go from the back*

at the front, you can have everyone sign their real name and at the back have everyone sign their username

actually that could be a hell of a thread for Monday - invent a signature for your DiS username


Ah, just choose the categories carefully and its fine.

Number posts
Length of service
Dad joke comedy index
The Jazzy B cat post ratio


classic Simpsons is on


just for you, from a week ago. not awesome, but… presentable?

I wish I’d gotten some sleep beforehand. kind of ended up struggling a bit with… being good at talking. I need to bone up on my conversational skills and, like, have interests again. you’re all dead lovely.

lots of new faces, which I struggled with? but there was a lot of niceness.


FAO of @AcceptanceIII

This is the ramen place I mentioned last night:


Excellent, cheers!
I’ll definitely get myself up there soon.
Looking forward to Okan Ramen later


Prob the fairest criteria


I was excited when I saw which episodes were showing. Hoping the tv is freed within the next ten mins


When I say tv I mean television OBVIOUSLY

otherwise the sentence would be extremely farfetched and outlandish before we even get into the part where said thinly veiled seems to be inexplicably incarcerated


Hope you guys had fun. I really wanna come to the next LME meat


I was thinking it would be cool to run a pub quiz? Like we could find a pub, offer to run a quiz for free then invite everyone off here. I have been quiz master a few times for quizzes and would be happy to do it again.

This would mean we could go to a pub and people would be drinking but it would also be fun to not drink and just learn loads of interesting facts.

Everyone could pay £1 to enter, we could have teams of four people. the prizes could be all different things… money, things people have baked…


Would be up for this if I’m in that London. If not I ran a pub quiz for a couple of years so happy to help out if required


Guess Who? could almost work, but could be a bit beardy…


would be quite funny to test normies abilities to list the chronology of radiohead albums


I would literally love this (haven’t been to a pub quiz in ages but like them a lot as a concept and atmospherically speaking). This makes me wish I was part of the LME.


we could have a special round where phones are allowed to test who actually has the ability to google things the fastest


you can be! living in London isnt a prerequisite


Might as well give marckee the points now


He’ll get us disqualified for googling everything


well we’ll get to really see who the bullshitters are hahahah