Non-Betting Weekend Football Thread

Let’s kick this off now and put a merciful pin in the attempts at S****ish talk in the other thread.

Brum continue their free-fall vs Wednesday. Rhodes is a weird one, isn’t he - you’d think a side struggling for goals would give him a fair crack of the whip. Newcastle versus a resurgent Wolves should be good.

Not many lookers in the Prem though. Probably better stuff abroad, idk? Not pretended to have a look yet. United play what seems like the tenth home banker in a row, Hull do the opposite. Liverpool Spurs has terse 1-1 written all over it. Allardicio busts out psychotherapy in a bid to stop the rot. ddi How$ wants to splash the cash on Jack Wilshere, now that his level has been discovered.


Expecting a draw for Man Utd today, both due to the fact we draw every home game and winning would move us from sixth and that hasn’t happened for years

I’m going to keep laughing at Rangers, you can’t stop m… oh wait you can

Also as I burned in the other thread, Rangers aren’t Scottish

state of this

I love TP

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Really open game this, tense but good so far. Either side keeps a clean sheet and it’ll be a miracle.


The Arsenal Sleeve Tradition being discussed. It no longer surprises or erks me that this is a thing.

These Arsenal fans wind me up, to be honest. They expect to win every game. When I was last there, an FA Cup fixture, I arrived early and watched them all saunter in expecting to turn us over.

And now it’s still 0-0, and you can feel them all getting restless. It’s so quiet, a library… shh, or you’ll wake them all up!

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Arsenal basketball club

Wonder what the officials made of that. Did they just not see it, or decide it wasn’t deliberate handball so the goal stands?

Hull look like they can score but if the game goes 2-0 Arsenal that’s it.

Terrible quality game of football so far

Walcott is such a fucking horrible rodent


Potential red that, Arsenal getting so many decision.

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Not really, though

He’s through if he wasn’t fouled, quality of player shouldn’t be taken into account.

Was deffo a red for me. He was in acres and if the player doesn’t make that foul he’s clear through on goal and denying a goalscoring oppotunity.


Sadness, fraud, theo walcott.

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Obviously you can’t air an opinion about Arsenal on here without the babies going all ‘ahahaha, looked at Arsenal irking everyone’, etc, etc, but that is about the third goal this season alone they’ve been allowed to throw into the opponents net. Probably just an anomoly.