Non-burrito mexican food thread

Love burritos, obv.

But I feel like enchiladas; quesadillas; fajitas; tostados etc etc don’t get enough love here.

Please share your experiences of other Mexican food in this thread.

it’s all tortillas innit

I’m having enchiladas tonight. Make my own sauce; spice mix and tortillas, cos I’m a wanker.


Used to love a quesadilla.

:frowning: poor you!

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rajas con queso might be the greatest food of all time

mole sauce is GOAT also



probably prefer enchiladas to burritos tbh (although strictly speaking, the burrito isn’t mexican)

pico de gallo is just the greatest thing in the world aint it.

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oh god. Oaxacan mole.

huevos rancheros is a big hit round these parts too.

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I spent about 3 hours making a mole once. Roasting about 5 types of chili etc. It was good, but think I went a bit overboard on the chocolate. And the chilis, for that matter.

Soft shell tacos>>>>>>>>>>>>>>crunchy shell tacos


relatively recently made pozole rojo, would do it again (it was hard to find hominy where I am though). I suspect that might be an underrated mexican food

Mexican hot chocolate is the fucking bomb

just buy this stuff man, it’s great

tried pan de muertos for the first time recently, was decent

Nachos! Seems like pretty basic food…but if you make some chilli to pour over it…then add cheese, sour cream, guacamole…oooohhhh

Ultimate unhealthy food.

Chilaquiles! Best breakfast ever.

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Had my first Taco Bell yesterday

  • Oh, you lucky thing!
  • Ewwww

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best breakfast ever

  • chilaquiles
  • huevos rancheros

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I bloody love elotes! $2 for a cup. I buy at least one a week during the winter.

Recently tried some mini fajitas with plantains in them. Was surprisingly nice.

Us Norwegians are obsessed with “tacos” (bucket description for most “Mexican” foods), will post in more detail about this later (am in the middle of something atm).


Its a cone of crisped cheese served with guac (from lupita near charing X)


middle of…eating tacos?

I WISH! (Cleaning the flat.)