Non-CGI, big budget/big spectacle music videos


I’m telling you now you’re not going to beat Wild Boys

anyone linking to Coxon or Buddy Holly because of ‘big spectacles’ will be murdered.



f’ing great shout


(even if you ARE pushing it because of the glasses)


It was the “working on two levels” thing that I was going for :sunglasses:


i will not murder you because of this, despite the caveat in my OP


Hi ccb. Why do you have a cartoon drawing of Gareth Southgate as your new profile pic?


i think the bigger question is why you don’t


Because Bamnan is a lovely man.


Stop hijacking my thread.


This is getting very abstract but, yes, i do love working at the bowling alley.


not so much a big spectacle this one, more a massive travel budget. the acting at the end is a real tour de force


Budget through the roof, concept based on metropolis, made by a famous film director


not sure if it’s big budget enough but…


Michael Jackson’s


good answer