Non-conventional eating orders/lunch thread


Any meals you eat in a non-standard order? I’m looking at you, packed lunch wankers.

I got a Tesco misery lunch, because the only canteen option today was “scotch egg salad” (what the actual FUCK). I got a triple sandwich because I was very hungry. I’ve eaten two, am taking a break for my Reese’s peanut butter cup dessert, then will have round three.

What you having, and in what order?


Also two sandwiches would easily have been enough, but I had hunger-induced lack of wisdom.


I’m having a leftovers type thing.

last night I made something like this with added capers and pine nuts and celery

I had some of the leftover mixture of courgette/celery/lemon/pine nut/garlic etc. so I’m having it RIGHT NOW with quinoa mixed with black lentils instead of pasta.


shit, i’m gonna have something like that tonight. obviously without celery because I’m not fucking crazy.


I had some to use up and it was nice


Gunna have a ham sandwich and some instant noodles


always the savoury before the sweet. always.


I’ve got a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, chorizo and cream cheese bagel and a flake in my lunch box.

Can you please give an example of a meal being eaten in the wrong order?

Obviously with my pack up it’ll be:

Crisps for starter
Bagel for main
Flake for pudding


I have a habit of eating dessert while I’m cooking dinner, if I’m feeling particularly peckish/impatient.

That kind of thing?


two sandwiches (ie one sandwich, two triangles) is never enough




crisps always after sandwich, unless the crisps are ready salted and the sandwich is a cheese sandwich, when the two should be eaten together.



I have a habit of eating dessert while I’m cooking dinner, if I’m feeling particularly peckish/impatient.


Supermarket size though.

I almost went triple AND deli item. AND bakery item. Luckily I wussed out, because I’m pretty full now.


Nah, crisps are always first. If I have a pork pie or scotch egg, that goes second and then the sandwich is the main event.


was into those tesco chicken wraps for a bit but the 3 roll one is like 1000 calories or something ridiculous. could easily eat about ten of the fuckers.


It’s all the butter/mayo/both, isn’t it? They could easily have half the amount and they’d still be fine.


too healthy for me that, need some crisps now


Nothing non conventional really. Lunch was tune/cheese/sliced chillies on granary bread. One of my favourites.


delicious flask of huel for me :expressionless: also got a banana for when i inevitably get hungry in two hours time.