Non-Dis Secret Santa

Are you doing one at work?
Or with friends?

I’ve just drawn a right stinker of a secret santa. Not happy about it.

Drawn my gf in our annual fake xmas with friends one. Fuming.

Tell us about your Santee!

(I’ve opted out of our staff one, cba)

Yeah I have no clue what to get for my colleague.

Surely that should not be allowed!

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Open draw Meo, anything can happen.

Ok so this is her VERY FIRST JOB. She is straight out of uni. She’s been here about a month. She’s very sweet but does not understand sarcasm or most jokes. She was genuinely fascinated by Outlook Calendars. She is very religious and does not drink.


Price limit? And religious as in Christian or…?


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Doing one at work. Have bought a charming gold picture frame for 20 dollars in which I have inserted a beautifully tasteful black and white picture of me looking concerned.


Box of celebrations. Or origami dinosaur book.

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Celebrations of the birth of our Lord and Saviour!


Set of four passport photos of you. Give her something to aspire to.


Usually do one with my friends where everyone brings a “good” and a “bad” present, then we do the draw on the evening. Not sure if I’m going this year though.

a nice bauble with jesus on it or something


me and my brother decided doing a family secret santa would be much better than having to buy loads of small crap things for everyone but far too late to implement it this year. might try and get it going next year though.

this is amazing

In all seriousness - it might sound a bit dull but a nice journal (possibly with pen combo) would probably go down well. If she goes to church / bible studies etc then she’ll probably get through a good few of these a year.

Two internet lesbian secret Santas. One got socks and a badge saying “Lavender Menace” with Dennis the Menace on it, one got a zine about bees and a badge saying “Gay is Good”.


Not doing any this year, thank fuck!