Non-Dis Secret Santa


Not doing any this year, thank fuck!


Christian. She often just writes down psalms (???) in meetings to pass time.

I want to get this.

🎅🎄 Return of the DiSmas Secret Santa: Sign Up Thread 🎁🎅

Yeah I don’t know how to play it!! Funny or nice.
Problem is she hasn’t ever done a secret santa so I think she’s expecting something very nice. But our office doesn’t do nice gifts. Mostly jokey presents.


That game :smiley: :open_mouth:

Maybe this, then?


Last year the limit was £15 and I got a bottle of Buzz Lightyear shower gel. Its still sitting in my desk drawer, hopefully this year will be better.


Or this from circa 2004:


that’s quite high for an office thing no?


One in work I picked out my old team leader who’s a bit strange. All I really know is that she likes her dog and cooking so I got her a cookbook for baking dog biscuits and a Little Leon book about fast lunches.

Also doing the Reddit secret santa. I matched with a guy who didn’t really give me much to go on but says he suffers from anxiety and doesn’t know who he is. He’s into skateboarding so I got him Rodney Mullan’s autobiography, he asked for examples of things I’m into so I got him Ikiru on DVD as it deals with an old man who decides to make something of his life and is a beautiful film…and then one of those adult colouring books full of swear words which is supposed to help you with stress…but maybe it’s a bit of a cop out?


Ooh can I have a link to this dog cookbook?
My dad would probably like that shit


Just signed up for my work one, complete lottery on whether I’ll get someone good or someone I’ve barely met.


Mugs. Always a winner


Yeah I agree but I wasn’t in charge. Its 10 this year which is better.
I know the person I got plays video games, particularly skyrim so will probably get them something to do with that.



At least if you get a girl you can do the cop out thing of buying them some nice smelly things.


here, i got you some bread and petrol


This is the one I got for SS

I got my wife this one, which is a bit more substantial a few years ago


packaged in a box full of cut grass?


Get her a nerf gun.


If in doubt I always just go for some game that can be played in the office that day.


We had 4 nerf guns in our office last year.

Unfortunately, someone didn’t like them and stole them/threw them away one day. No one will own up to it (but we suspect who it is!)