Non-Dis Secret Santa


my colleagues got me a nerf gun for my birthday the year before last. last year they basically just got me a bunch of random toys. makes me pretty sad tbh, i’d rather they just didn’t bother.

(i know, check my privilege, right?!)




I ordered the penis game but now I feel bad!
What if I upset her??
Should I get her a nice gift too to go along with it?!


if you wanted the penis game for yourself you really could have just bought it without this whole charade


Box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to go with it


Are you thinking of some kind of hoopla fun?


nah fuck it just give it to her, please report back her reaction


oh my god. i really, really want to be a fly on the wall at your secret santa opening now.




well, i’m going to be singing this to the tune of ‘personal jesus’ all day now…


your own, inflatable, jesus


Got Phil from credit control, a man with no discernible interests. Probably going to get him some scratchcards.

How old were you the last time you got ID'd?

imagine how annoying it would be if he won like £20k though


Holy Balonz!


Just Googled it and there’s one where the prize is only £200. Have that Phil, you prick.


This was my first thing!
But they said it would be a HR issue


Guys, I’ve been asked to purchase a “Glass Sculpture” for my works secret santa. He Spanish, so I’m assuming somethings lost in translation. What do you think they mean?

  • Something like those little glass swans that have dangly bits
  • A whisky glass / some type of drinking glass
  • Comedy answer

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But they’re cool with the jizzing cock game?


every work secret santa I’ve been involved in it stayed a secret who got what for who - so it didn’t really matter if you just got something dull .


One of these guys?