Non-Dis Secret Santa


this has never ever happened for me ever.

but then i’ve only done work secret santa in departments of 5-7 people, so that might be a factor?


M&S Magnolia gift set then.


honestly no idea what that’s meant to mean


Doing one with a group of friends. Some people I don’t know very well (never had a one on one conversation with them) have put there names in. Dreading drawing them.


Proper doing my head in.

Just come up with the perfect solution. Buy both and then we can throw the one he doesn’t want at the wall!


Rodney Mullen’s book is really good


that’s what I usually do with office secret santa presents


I ordered a henry desk vacuum for my one


I got one of those for a colleague with a disgustingly messy desk a couple of years ago. He didn’t get the joke


Hi that’s me.


My team voted against secret santa (I abstained). Glad as I hate secret santa, the pressure to react pleased when you open your gift is most uncomfortable, as is the inverse, the creeping death of people taking it in terns until the person opens your gift to them and worrying how they react.

Now I will regale you if the story of my worst secret santa that actually became my best.

The way I see it there are 4 acceptable types of secret santa gifts: something genuinely good, something funny, chocolate (safe bet), or an ‘I love spreadsheets’ mug. I really stressed out over what to get, ended up buying lots of potential things and then rejecting them, put a lot of effort into it. So was pretty disappointed to open my gift and there person had made no effort, literally a couple of plain napkins, could even feign not having a wtf is this reaction, secret santa administrator even said that is rubbish, actually got a bit paranoid, does secret santa hate me, should I raise a grievance to HR? I complained about it on a relevant comment on my friends Facebook wall.

Fast forward a couple of years and out of the blue the person I have the most intense crush on sends me a screenshot of my complaining on our mutual friends Facebook wall taken at the time (way before we were friends on there), and said it was one of her favourite things posted on Facebook to date. genuinely changed my perception of the world slightly, thinking back to the time that someone I really liked but assumed barely knew who I was, actually knew who I was had something I said saved on their phone because they thought it was funny. So that is the story of how my worst secret santa became my best (in well aware I am quite the saddo, this does not need to be pointed out)


… surely it doesn’t end there, is there more to the story?!


“…and now she’s a lesbian”



actually I was hoping to hear what happened to the napkins
(safety wink)


Do you have a screenprint of the post? :slight_smile:


(I liked the story btw)


i do, not going to post it though (it was hardly anything, just me being mildly curmudgeonly)


I should have worked in ‘which was the style at the time’


That is extremely lame of them


I think the end of the story is I die alone 40 years later consumed with regrets