Non-Dis Secret Santa


This thread has inspired me, got 2 secret santas next week, one at work, one with my mates.

Just ordered two of these:


Got harangued into doing one for another internet community I’ve been a part of for an embarrassingly long time. Of course I drew the guy from New Zealand.

Got him a World of Warcraft wallet.



Of the wallet.


It’s in the post now, isn’t it, needs to get to New Zealand before Christmas.



Looks like a pair of flattened testicles


Sweet abs on the back, though.


Would just like everyone to know that I considered, then rejected (for various reasons), starting a “Londis Secret Santa” parody thread.


And we thank you for not doing so


I got given a fucking Dan Brown book for my work secret Santa yesterday. Trying to think of who I can regift it to without insulting their intelligence.


I have nailed my work secret santa this year.

I got sue who is obsessed with her cat and Shaun the sheep (yes really) and is going to Sweden for Xmas

Found a photo of her cat she took on facebook. Made it into an illustration and have put it in a big square frame.

Got her a Shaun the sheep desk calendar

Got her a book about living the Swedish way

She is gonna love them all


I have three; work one, friends one, family one.
This is excellent as it basically means I only have to buy three presents.


meowington get them this it can’t miss


Yes, got my friend’s fiancee who is lovely and we get on really well but I know fuck all about what she likes and dislikes tbh :confused: awwwwkwarrrrrd.

at the tournament last weekend we had a Secret Satan, where you buy the person the most inappropriate/worst present you can for a fiver. was fucking excellent tbh.


Just remembered at my old office at the secret santa distribution it got to the end and one person had been left out, genuinely heartbreaking to watch and further contributed to my secret santa anxiety


That’s happened to me before :confused:


How did you react? Feigned indifference while inwardly devastated?


i would be really sad but try to laugh it off tbh. speaks to so many insecurities it’s too much to deal with frankly. :worried:


I was a bit miffed but it was easy to work out who’d done it to me- it was this utter twat who was the IT manager at the time. Just gave me more of a reason to dislike him!


Think that is the only way to go really. The person who reneged on their secret santa obligations was later fired, no coincidence I reckon