Non-Dis Secret Santa


That is actually a great secret santa gift, legitimised hatred


err what a shitty thing to do. i mean sure, you can’t think of what to buy someone, but how much does a box of celebrations cost? a fiver, if that? jesus christ, what a dick.


Got drawn someone I’ve known less that 2 days and have no knowledge of whatsoever, and will have to borrow a fiver to do so. Fucking. Hell.



My mum said my dad really wanted the Jizz Game so I am now giving that to him for Christmas. I will obviously wait for him to open it on Boxing Day in front of my family, brother, his girlfriend, my bf and my nan.

I got my secret santa a mug, some socks and some tea.


Are the mugs, socks or tea in any way jizz related?


All perfectly good vessels.


Fuming at what i got. A half pint glass


Is the half pint glass in any way jizz related?




Yes it is!


Secret Santa opening starts in 45 minutes.

We’ve counted up the presents, made sure everyones present is in the box ready to go.
There’s one missing though.
Who’s is it?
Oh it’s mine of course. I now have no present to open.

(and other people are now fussing and running out to buy me something last minute and I WANT TO DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT ITS FINE EVERYONE I DONT CARE)


Oh mate :frowning:



Right, going to have a collection so @desk can have a secret santa gift.

(It’s going to be the jizz game)


but she already bought that for herself and then concocted that ludicrous story about giving it to her co-worker/dad


I might just wrap it up for myself so I can feel part of something :frowning:


that would be the logical conclusion to this ridiculous facade!


We’re off to do ours now. Andy’s booked a room, so no chance of hiding my reaction to my gift, or hiding when my santee opens their heap of shit gift from me.



Pls report back


doing my work secret santa later today. i got one of the only people i would have any idea what to get so i was quite lucky.

one girl at work was suggesting that the giftee is NEVER EVER REVEALED even after gifting which seems ridiculous and insane. why would you take that to the grave, of all things?