Non-Dis Secret Santa


Because she’s embarrassed about what she bought for her santee?


100% this

apropos of nothing, we’re never revealing the DiS ones are we? :crossed_fingers:




Mug from secret santa, book from boss, bottle from boss’s boss.


I got a lady in my office who I don’t know so took a punt and bought a ‘grow your own bonsai tree’ kit. She loved it so much she gave me a hug

In exchange I got a gold set that’s designed to play on the toilet so I was delighted tbqh


You’ve done alright there.


A gold set of what?


So my secret Santa appeared in the end…

Luckily I have a sense of humour and have chucked 2 burgers on top of my culprits cabinets in his office :joy:


Our theme was key rings this year. I did rather well. Got a YT-1300 space freighter bottle opener key ring and three bottles of beer. Delighted!


Is this for real? They knew you are a vegan?


Got one of these, was a bit confused when I first opened it but luckily the person explained what it was.


bc raw meat and cheese is a pretty normal gift… might just be coincidence?


Sry, meant a GOLF set.


Yes and they know

They’re a work friend of mine


I properly chucked 2 burgers on top of big cupboards in his office and one fell right down the back!


I am confused. What is it?


Glasses holder??


Can’t wait for the post Christmas thread where the smells and flies get discovered.


Correct. Just wanted to see if it was just me that didn’t know what it was.

I quite like it and think he did pretty well seeing as he started here 4 days before we exchanged gifts.


Sorry @meowington got it. Didn’t put it as wanted to see if it was just me that had no idea.