Non Fungible Token (Kings of Leon/wut?)

that’s pretty much was I was getting at, yeah!

ty. will bookmark.

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Think I’m slightly further away from understanding what those Followhill boys have done than I was before I started this thread.

i think they’ve done a U2

Big news in the crypto world.


Check out Kings of Leon and their non-fungible token (NFT) oven

sexisonfire hands


Can you Photoshop wiggy with a non fungible token?

They’ve added their new album to the Bitcoin blockchain?

Yes but I’m not going to

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Hey Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken
Cos I can’t find my non fungible token


Maybe the new Kings of Leon was never about the Non Fungible Tokens…

…but the friends we made along the way

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I don’t even own a non fungible token player.

(I think that’s all the jokes done now so we don’t have to think about this ever again)

Hosting that mammoth of an article probably does about as much damage to the environment as the subject of said article, amirite? Amirite?


I think they meant to say non-refundable


It means they have the all clear from the fungal toenail guy

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Prefer the sound of fungible tokens. That bit warmer


Wonder if I can sell my old record label as a non fungible token

it’s cold outside
there’s no kind of atmosphere
i’m all alone, more or less
let me fly far away from here
non fun, non fun, non fun
in the gible token, gible token, gible token

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