Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)

I’m going to try and do 100 grounds this season. Not all necessarily non-league, but the vast majority will be. I’m hoping posting something online will give me a bit of a kick up the arse. Normally start with good intentions but end up couching it every weekend.

This is a good forum i use to find pre-season games nearby. If you use it scroll to the last post. The ‘Where Are You Going?’ section’s good for finding games mid-season, though the best way’s to look at the pyramid details. I’ve always found games between levels 5 and 10ish to be of a good quality generally (these would normally be called levels 1 to 6).

The main league i follow is the North West Counties Football League, which has just been reformatted from around 45 teams over two tiers to 60, with loads of previously amateur clubs being admitted or switching leagues, so loads of new places to go.

Tell me about your non-league clubs and get your groundhops out below…


Mate at work is a Halifax fan so first game I’ll see this year will be the Salford game in a couple of weeks time.

It’s one of the grounds i’d like to visit. People keep telling me Halifax is great for a weekend away now - few pints and a gig or two, etc - and one of the stands there was from City’s first ground at Hyde Road, which closed in the early 1920s. Always been intrigued by a stand moving from one ground to another (and lasting a century). Love grounds that feel like they’re hemmed in.

Think it’s this one…

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Went to a Trafford FC game last year (got a mate who works with a guy who’s involved with the running of them, or something), was good fun. Might be going again in a couple of months. We got into the lounge or whatever you call it at half-time — standard buffet and a fridge full of bottles of lager. Ideal.

My local side are Pollok Juniors, and I occasionally go along if it’s a nice day and I don’t have plans. I’m not that plugged into the scene tbh but I think they might be the indie bellend choice in Glasgow.


I’ve been there to watch the rugby before, so different atmosphere I imagine, alright ground though. This’ll be the away game at Salford.

Aye, i really like Trafford’s ground. The pitch is really good and i like how it’s elevated a bit, so if you get a low seat it’s a proper wormseye view. Really well ran club as well. The clubhouse is cosy. Love a night game there, getting a pint in and sitting on the side opposite the pitch. Triffic.

Used to be City’s training ground before they moved to Platt Lane in Moss Side around the turn of the 1980s.

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These are my local team. It’s a nice ground - being quite lush and green all around and me and my mate spent a few years following them going to pretty much every home and away game. It was great as nearly all the teams in the league (evo-stik first north I think?) were only a few miles off the m60, so all easy to get to. The standard was pretty good and £15 would cover entry, a couple of drinks, a pie and a snickers.

We got really into it and it became more fun as we got to know the league, the teams and starting recognising a few of the players as they transferred around the various teams in the league. Attendances dried up as we both started families and time became a bit more scarce unfortunately. Good club though.

Need to catch more local non league this year. Sheffield FC is always good. Thornbridge pub next door, Good pies, bit of a schlep to Dronfield for it though

Excited to see how Dulwich get on although no longer being allowed beer in view of pitch might hurt things

I want to document the grounds i visit somewhere online. A bit cheesy, sure, but it will motivate me to get to games and i kind of like groundhopper stuff in general.

Which social media site (or similar) would be best to upload a few photos either with extended captions or one sort of body of text as a kind of short ground/game guide, etc?

Preferably not Twitter as it’s toxic and i’ve just weened myself off it, but in theory that would be perfect in terms of format, etc. Ideally not Facebook either, and i’m a bit too old to blog stuff. Is there something suitable?

i went to see Leeds vs Man U reserves at Halifax’s ground (this was 199…7? so ground may have changed). Yeboah played I think

I try to go and see Whyteleafe when Palace are away. But I won’t be able to see them until October as all their home games clash with Palace home games apart from the opening day when I’m going to Fulham.

Might double check as it doesn’t sound right.



I was going to suggest this too. Not sure if there is a character limit on the text, but I have seen some pretty lengthy writing on there so it should be fine for it. @bugduv you can also post multiple photos in a single post, which could be useful for you.

I would definitely follow that account, fwiw.

Yeah - that could make a nice formatting theme. Photo 1 is always your ticket, photo 2 the gates, etc etc.


The guy I used to sit next to at West Ham has now also sacked off his season ticket so we’re hoping to do a few more AFC Wimbledon games and some local non-league ones. Been meaning to go to Tooting and Mitcham and Banstead Athletic for ages.

2 weeks to go until the start of the Isthmian League season!!! So fucking excited - it’s the first time since 2009/10 that I’ve had a season ticket (having been at uni for 3 years in Cornwall, and then spent 5 years convinced I was going to move to a city, so refusing to commit to anything. Lol). Prices have gone up to £11 entry per game, but early bird season ticket for owners* was £99, and there are 21 home games a season so an unbelievable deal really. [*we’re a fan-owned club, one share costs £25 for the season. means we stay financially stable and controlled by people who truly love the club]

They’ve reworked Step 3 by adding an additional league at that level, in order to lessen journey times/costs for clubs. This means that the Suffolk clubs and some of the further-out London clubs have been sacked off (I presume to the new league, the Southern Premier Central), so no more away days to Leiston or Hendon, but the promise of trips to Potters Bar Town, Corinthian Casuals and Dorking Wanderers. Would definitely like to do some more away games this season - pencilled in Folkestone on August Bank Holiday Monday, very keen to get to Lewes on a Tuesday night in February so I can say I’ve visited the memorably named Dripping Pan.

So excited that we have our own thread now as well!!

season ticket at my local side Ourense CF is 60 euros. very tempted.

Spanish lower-league football’s supposed to be quite a good standard. Not too clued up on it, but there’s been a series in When Saturday Comes about minor clubs in European cities and the ones on Barcelona and Bilbao were exceptional.

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I’ve been to quite a few lower league games over the years here, and I’d probably agree with that. defending can be absolute pony, mind you.