Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Anyone going to a game today?
I can’t decide if to go to Bromley v Salford City as planned (train and bus), or jump in the car and do a Whyteleafe away game at Sittingbourne.


I decided on Sittingbourne but due to the M20 being shut again and the A20 gridlocked I turned back with 20 miles to go. Should have gone to Bromley.


Saw Hendon beat Poole Town 1-0 yesterday. A game which had a bit of a nasty undercurrent late on and after the game. Two particularly unsavoury incidents. Didn’t really deserve to win, but a lot of heart and character shown. Joint top with five others on 14 points.


I’m told Watt was never actually appointed in the first place… so technically he wasn’t sacked. Although it’s bizarre that he was added to the WhatsApp team group despite not having been offered the job yet.

Also it doesn’t seem as if Watt tweeted or said anything negative about Billericay in the press… it came from a touchline row during the Margate-Billericay game last season.



The FA.

Last night Hendon’s club secretary received a call from the Football Association (Guardians of the Game ™) to say that they had begun investigations into Phoenix Sports (our opponents tomorrow) fielding an ineligible player in the last round of the FA Cup. As a result, tomorrow’s match has been postponed.

If Phoenix Sports have done wrong by the rules (and they appear to have held their hands up), then they have been rightly punished - my question is. How, in 2018, can the FA take 10 days from Phoenix Sports winning their replay before finding this irregularity and then postponing the next round with less than 24-hours notice. They have absolutely no idea how much this is going to cost the club in terms of a) money with food and beer having been ordered and unable to be sold and b) the effort of supporters volunteering their time, good will and swapping shifts to ensure they can get to the game.

Sometimes postponements are unavoidable and you take them on the chin, this one (as with the Isthmian play-offs in 2014/5) has been 100% avoidable and owes more to the FA’s pathetic and shambolic player registration system (something they clearly haven’t had a Lessons Learnt session on from 2014/5 and myriad other instances) than the oversight of a hardworking and unpaid Non-League club secretary.

People moan (rightly) about the shits at the ECB, the shower of fucks at the FA (who I can already hear washing their hands of the whole thing) run them fucking close.

Not fit for purpose.

Give me a day (less) with an Excel database and I’ll create them a fucking macro that will tell them if a play is eligible or not.



Does seem a bit silly that there’s not a process that happens as soon as teams are logged as standard. This is about the third case this year.

Do they still receive the £9k prize money? If so what would you guess would be the net loss bearing in mind programme run, any lost perishables, and most importantly i guess, no gate receipts?


Lymington Town v Torquay on the BBC Red Button/iPlayer at 12:30pm.

Quite like the one camera, minimal hoo-ha format.


So, it looks as though the side Phoenix Sports beat last time out would be reinstated and we will play them on a date to be confirmed. Lancing will get the £6k from the last round.

We would be quids up at the end should we get through, but that’s not really the point. Chances are we’ll play Tuesday which means a lower midweek crowd or next Saturday in which case we’ll lose out on coach money for Dorchester next week that have already been booked.


First game for Gary Johnson as Torquay manager. Really happy Gary Owers has gone, absolutely awful manager, at least under previous managers when we’ve been struggling there’s been some fight and glimpses of quality. Last seasons was the worst I’ve ever seen us and the highlights from this one have been less than encouraging. Can’t quite believe we’ve landed Johnson, a proper manager with a decent track record at a high level. Dunno what he has been promised but I imagine he’s going to have some money to spend on transfers/wages.


Same thing happened to Whyteleafe


Sounds a great appointment, the first time ever on Twitter I’ve seen fans respond to a new manager’s appointment with glee and beaming smiles rather than “Oh no not Paul c*nt1ng Lambert!”


There’s been so little local midweek football over the last two or three weeks. Been struggling to find games. Seems a bit silly to me when the weather often means huge backlogs for teams later on. It’s not uncommon for clubs to play four games in a week in April or May. A couple of years ago one club, maybe Guernsey, had a fortnight to fulfil about ten fixtures. I wonder if they should frontload the season a bit more.


That certainly used to be the case with us when we had 46 games in the league to fit in.

By this time last season we’d had four midweek league fixtures - plus a replay in the FA Cup.

So far this season we’ve had one and our second one isn’t for another 3 weeks.

However, most leagues are reduced in number now with Step 3 clubs back down to 42 matches and, I think I’m right in saying, Step 4 down from 46 to 38. That’s pretty sensible in my view and should, in theory, mitigate some of the crazy scenes we always see in April.

But yeah, trying to find something for tomorrow evening I can easily get to from work is proving rather difficult. Making up for it next week with a Monday and Tuesday combo though.


Agreed. Plus the pitches tend to be less done-in earlier in the season.
Ours used to be a shit show basically from November until, pretty much, the end of the season. We’ve now installed a 3G pitch thankfully.


Well we won 7-0 so I guess it’s all downhill from here! Hard to judge against opposition a few leagues below us but we looked pretty impressive. If we’d have played that game last season we could well have made hard work of it or even lost.
The lads from Bristol City out on the wings look really useful, we played some decent stuff on the floor too, could have been double figures but for their keeper pulling off some great saves.


Lovely scenes at the Manor Farm v Basingstoke FA Cup game on Saturday. Some cracking goals, a couple of lucky deflections, all leading to a surprising 5-2 win.

Anyone else excited for the draw at 12.30pm?


Excited to find out when we’ll be allowed to play our 2nd Qualifying Round game and who it’ll be against. (It’s going to be Lancing on the 2nd or 6th October)


The National League has been pretty full-on until the start of this month - they played nine games in the first five weeks of the season… first full round of midweek fixtures for the division in three weeks tomorrow night though.


How does that work, as the third qualifying round is played on the 6th. Must be a right pain dealing with all those fixtures.

Also, I am new to the non-league game, but they all seem to be in about nine different cups. Impossible to keep track.


Related to @he_2’s rant here:

The FA are apparently meeting today to get the ball rolling.

As for the cups, there’s generally:

  • The FA Cup
  • The FA Trophy or FA Vase (depending on the level of the club)
  • A League cup
  • A County Senior Cup
  • Optionally a second County Senior Cup (e.g. London clubs may play in the London Senior AND Essex Senior Cup)
  • Optionally a local Charity Cup.

Things vary a bit regionally