Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Couldn’t do anything for NLD today, going to Aylesbury United v Mildenhall Town in the FA Trophy tomorrow - a first game in the best part of a fortnight for reasons.

Missing it like mad.

FA Trophy draw Monday - home draw please so my boy can spend his birthday as the mascot.

Tuesday league cup and away to Not Police.


Bloody great day out today. Rank wind, ridiculous hill of a pitch, hallam were 1-0 down at half time to a team a tier above them, came back to win 3-1. Lovely stuff


I didnt go to a game today. I was in an incredibly low mood this morning and haven’t left the house.

I saw Whyteleafe won away to Hastings in the FA trophy. Hopefully they’ll get a good tie in the next round.


Great day down at The Creek to see Bristol Manor Farm get through to the next round of the FA Trophy.


Whyteleafe have been drawn away to Tonbridge Angels in the FA Trophy. I might have to go to that.




Really quite choked up at this. Don’t have any connection to the club personally but it’s a local(ish) team and breaks my heart to imagine the same happening to Tonbridge.


Flipping heck. This is so awfully sad. Remember Thamesmead in the Prem four or five years ago and whilst few in number, they were all really good folk.

Hate seeing this happen, especially to genuine football folk.


Thats really sad. Peabody sound like right leaches.

I was going to Whyteleafe v Thamesmead on Saturday. I guess I won’t be now.


Yeah im looking forward to it. I was already planning on going to Tonbridge v Whitehawk the following week, doubt I’ll do both.

The way Palace are treating me at the moment, I’m pretty much done with them and will be following non league a lot more.


Two of the Gibraltar squad play for West Didsbury & Chorlton FC.


FC United have appointed Neil Reynolds as manager after coming to an agreement with Bamber Bridge to release him from his 3 year contract


Which game is everyone going to this weekend?

My original choice was Dulwich Hamlet v Weston-Super-Mare. But I then saw Whyteleafe were at home to Thamesmead, so decided on that. That then got cancelled due to Thamesmeads demise :frowning:
I went back to look at the Dulwich game to see it’s been postponed due to the FA cup.

So now I’m deciding between

Carshalton (third time this season) v Potters Bar


Dorking Wanderers v Wingate & Finchley.

Which one should I go to?


I’d go with Carshalton v Potters Bar, but purely because I have an unbridled hatred of Wingate & Finchley.

Haven’t been to Dorking, but heard their new ground is tip-top.

I’ll be at Hendon v Wimborne Town tomorrow, see if we can maintain our second place in the table with a win.

Need to have a look and see what’s on in midweek in places.


I’d obviously '“support” Dorking if I go. It does look like a lovely ground surrounded by great countryside.

Carshalton is easier to get to by public transport, and obviously there’s the Hope pub to visist. But it’s too much like my commute to work.

Dorking is a pain by public transport, even though it’s not very far from me. I could just drive it in 20 minutes or so, but then I can’t have a drink.

Still I reckon I’ll go to Dorking.


Full review please.


Got the park and ride from the centre at about 2.10 arriving at the ground about 2.30. We picked up a program, got the free copy of When Saturday Comes they were handing out because of non league day before a pre match pint. Was enjoying drinking that outside in the sun, before we were very politely informed that sadly due to it being an FA Trophy match, no alcohol was allowed pitchside, so had to go back into the bar area.

First half, Paulton had a strong wind at their back, and created a few decent chances, best being a great volley that looked destined for the top corner until Ben John made an equally good flying save. Bought a raffle ticket from the ladies that came round with them. Manor Farm improved over the course of the half, and took the lead when the Howe was fed.

We went back inside for another pint at half time, and I was delighted to win the £10 second prize on the raffle. Celebrated with a bacon butty, then we took our place at the turnstile end of the ground that Manor Farm were attacking in the second half. Second half was mostly scrappy, with the major incident being the Paulton keeper being sent off for handball outside the area. Probably the correct decision, as his arms were away from his side, and had he not stopped it, there’s a fair chance it could have gone in. Despite the numerical advantage, Manor Farm couldn’t put the game to bed, and a late Paulton chance nearly took the game to a replay. MOM was goalkeeper Ben John.

Post game, we stayed around in the bar for a couple of pints, and debated whether it was acceptable to raid the food put out for the players once they had all had their fill. As first timers, we decided not to cause a scene, but will monitor this in future.

All in all, a lovely day out, everyone involved in the club was very friendly. Particularly enjoyed the chap at the turnstile telling his kid to come back in a bit as he was very busy at the moment, when me and my mate turned up. Will definitely pop back.


Wonderful. It’s really great there, and seems everyone who goes once, ends up going a lot more.


Angels away to Hornchurch. Cheeky 50 mins on the tube but it’s right by the tube station!



Don’t worry I’ll boo Wingate.

Magnificent little ground for this level. The main stand especially.