Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Yeah, there’s seemingly always late goals in their games due to tiring legs, so it’s no surprise that they were spent against higher league opposition. Keeper did have a cracking game, he’s very solid for that level and I suspect could probably go higher if he wanted to.

Hope you enjoy it if you do make it there tonight! And glad to hear Kirby’s a decent guy, he’s great value on the pitch. Would be stunned if Tonbridge Angels don’t win tonight given their league position and the post-cup match comedown the Borough players will be on. Are you going @imaperv?


I’d love to but our coach is leaving at 4.15 and there’s absolutely no way I could get out of work that early, let alone get to the arse end of Tonbridge in time :frowning:


That’s a pretty early start, not surprised you can’t make that! Even as someone who lives within a couple of miles of the ground it’s a bit of a pain to get to, bit of a tricky one for a Monday night


Aye, was planning to go (with friends) to the original Saturday game but trying to get trains back to Kent in time seems like a fools errand.


Didn’t get to Haringey Monday night, instead watched Hampton & Richmond Borough with their hoard of ex-Hendon guys on BT Sport run Oldham mighty close.

Saw a first last night in Hendon’s 5-1 win over Staines. Shaquille Hippolyte-Patrick netted a hat-trick which included two overhead kicks. I can only recall two previous overhead kicks scored for Hendon in 23 years, never mind 2 in 25 minutes.


Bit late, but thought I’d mention I saw Carshalton vs Leatherhead in the Surrey Senior Cup last week as, well, what a game.

Carshalton led 2-0 through two spectacularly taken goals, Leatherhead came back and finally equalised with the last touch of the game in the 96th minute!

Straight to penalties - 2-1 to Carsh at the third round of kicks and the Leatherhead keeper steps up - smashes it out the stadium! :joy: There is footage on youtube, absolute classic.


Was the Leatherhead keeper a short lad, left-footed?

If so, he spent most of pre-season with us. Decent distribution, fancied himself as a bit of a Jordan Pickford. Don’t recall seeing him make a save in the four or five matches I saw him in though.

Great scenes, though. Love seeing a keeper smashing it out of the stadium :rofl: - @colinzealuk will probably remember a Hendon keeper doing the same thing in a county cup final shoot-out once upon a time.


Zaki Oualah is his name, yeah struck it left-footed.

Just watched it back, sorry almost out the stadium - the ball just clipped the netting behind the ball and remained inside but still…:


Yeah - that’s the same lad.

He got a trial with a pro club in Algeria the night before our final pre-season friendly so the manager binned him off. Highly thought of at Leatherhead last season.


I believe that particular ball is responsible for knocking Tiangong-1 out of orbit and back to earth earlier this year.


‘Trial with a pro club in Algeria’ - I love the lives of semi-pro players :smiley:


Did you go on Monday night? I was planning on going but two guys from work bailed due to that torrential rain, so I did too.


Yeah I did brave it - pretty comfortable 2-0 win over struggling Whitehawk. Koroma scored yet again and Kalvin Morath-Gibbs hit an absolute worldie (seeing as he’s a centre back by trade)! Unbeaten in nine games now. The camera was there again so I expect highlights will surface soon.

Corinthian Casuals visit on Saturday, should be tasty as they’ve already won at Colston Avenue this season.


I should have gone on my own. On Monday it took me 75 minutes to drive home from Wallington to Caterham (about 8 miles) and the roads were flooded and gridlocked.

Normally I work until 9pm on Wednesday, but I’m not now. So I’m tempted to either go to

Merstham v Margate or Leatherhead v Kingstonian


Yeah the roads around Wallington were awful that night - one road was completely flooded and, as I couldn’t stop or turn around, I was worried the car might start floating!

I’d say Margate are the best team I’ve seen out of those four so far this season. Kingstonian very unpredictable but kind of a local derby against Leatherhead, so might get a little tasty.


I kind of dislike Kingstonian as they nicked the Whyteleafe manager when they were top of the league and took half the team with him.


Aye, sadly that kind of thing isn’t uncommon at this level of the game.


I’ve been to two Carshalton games this year, home to Kingstonian and away to Merstham.

Perhaps a mini DiS meet with @he_2 if we’re ever at the same game.


Yeah, I’d always be up for meeting folk at games.

Will definitely be headed somewhere south of the river again at some stage, might not be until the New Year now.


Ouch - during the run of bad results, things definitely turned round now!

Yep - always happy to say hi and share a beer etc.