Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)



I just got recognised by some Whyteleafe fans from attending Whitstable away.

They seemed nice but my social anxiety levels were through the roof.


There’s only one thing for it: you will have to wear a different comedy disguise to each match you attend.


Enjoying Salford’s comedy centre-half.

Like watching a stoned Michael Hefele.


Awful, scrappy 1-1 draw to the league’s bottom club, Bedworth. Fitting that their equaliser came from a Delap-style long throw. Still unbeaten since early September though.


It’s a shame there aren’t any other fans of Southern Premier League, Central Division teams on DiS. Feel a bit jealous of all the Isthmian (?) league chat.


Whyteleafes star striker Eddie Dsane signed for Colchester during the week. Quite a big step up for him but I think he could make it.

Eddies dad (I think) Roscoe Dsane played for Whyteleafe for many years and retired last year at 37. I was confused when I thought he looked a lot younger and trimmer earlier this season.


Fucking shite today. Don’t mind losing to the better side, do mind when our centre forward just gives up after twenty minutes. Our keeper’s had a shocker for their second goal too, if it hadn’t been for the offside flag would have been 5-1 instead of the three.


Ex-Carshalton midfielder Ryan Gondoh went to Colchester and has started to get first-team experience now. Be interesting to see how DSane does - at first I thought it was Roscoe you were talking about :joy:

FA Trophy first round draw taking place any minute now!


Gondoh was on loan from Barnet at Hendon a few years ago. Looked like someone that had talent but didn’t graft at all for us. Good to see him going well at Colchester.


Yeah, very talented but didn’t always give 100% - seems he must’ve turned that side of his game around, good on him.

Carshalton vs Dorking tonight in the league, and guess who we drew in the FA Trophy earlier this afternoon! Gives scrutiny to the term #doubleheader


Lovely this


Manor Farm v Evesham last night. Absolute banger in front of 250 pissed on a Friday types. A missed penalty, a massive fight, two red cards, three brothers across the two teams, and a cracking home victory. 10/10.


Home to Merthyr Town today. 5th v 4th. Can’t see us getting anything given our form at the moment.

Going to Barnet v Stockport in the FA Cup tomorrow, tickets are £10. First time at The Hive and a chance to see Josh Walker, who was with us last season, again. Looking forward to that one more than this afternoon.


Away to Dorking today. Just gonna say it: best women’s toilets I’ve ever been to at a match. Extremely satisfied with my ablution experience.


I went to the Hive recently! Very unsatisfying burger experience - no cheese 15 mins before kickoff (???), no bacon either. Wtf. Nice enough ground apart from that and a very entertaining FA Cup match v Bristol Rovers.


And a last minute winner.

Happy days!

Good 3-0 win for Hendon this afternoon, didn’t see that one coming at all.

Thanks for the tip off re - The Hive burger experience.


I am SO THRILLED. My throat is absolutely raw from screaming!!!

Only thing that took the gloss off is that as people were leaving the ground, some troublemakers (don’t think they were actual home fans) jeered at Rob, one of our most passionate and best-loved fans - I’m fairly sure they were making fun of him because he has Downs syndrome. He shouted back at them and went to confront them, but his dad held him back and told him they weren’t worth it. Dickheads.


Ah, man, that’s shit. Hope he’s okay, hate dickheads like that that turn up at clubs sometimes just with the intention of being fuckwits.


Lovely ground isn’t it.

I see Whyteleafe won 6-0. Up to 4th.