Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Stockport fans at Barnet. This is a 6th tier club. Unbelievable. The noise is immense.


Manor Farm v Mangotsfield on Saturday. Excited as am trialling a new pre-match pub, with an early start so we can call it the xmas drink up.

Farmy Army!


I still can’t decide which game to watch today.

Merstham v Whitehawk (can get a bus straight there)
Ashford United v Whyteleafe. Really nice ground by looks of it but a drive.


Leatherhead v Brightlingsea
Cray Wanders v Pheonix Sports
Sutton United vSolihull Moors

@he_2 did you decide on a game.


Looks as though Basingstoke v Hendon is going ahead, so am on match report duty for that one.

Some decent looking games on the menu there - if it was me I’d do Ashford, but only as that’s the only ground of those 5 I haven’t been to.


Yes, I reckon I’ll go to Ashford, Whyteleafe are my local team after all and it’s only an hour drive.


Enjoy it mate :slight_smile:


Just remembered Ashford were that team who recently sacked Gary Alexander by text. Even though they were on a good run.


Yeah, I thought it was them that did that. Mad stuff. Their new gaffer is decent though, been aroind a while and did well with Tonbridge.


I went through with it. Hoping for a thriller.


How was it? Hendon were shit today. How we are in play off contention is beyond me. Got a lift to Basingstoke Station with our keeper and his Dad and he is pretty WTAF?!


Ooh I didn’t realise Warrilow had joined them. Yeah, he got us promoted. Lazy tendency to blame fans when things went wrong (mind you, our current manager is going down that path this season too :frowning: )

Went to Ashford’s ground back when Maidscum were groundsharing there. Nice place, underwhelming burger.

Tonbridge v Worthing today was an absolute fucking shitshow. I haven’t seen such a dreadful referee for a long time - he basically gifted a poor Worthing side the win despite us completely dominating (but not taking our chances), constantly letting their players off while penalising us for petty things - and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the referee escorted off the pitch by stewards. there was a bit of a barney between players after the Worthing keeper turned round and started celebrating/jeering at us.

Really disappointing result/game tbh.


Ah, shit, tough one to take.

Our ref was shit today too, but he was in our favour. Ridiculous penno decision went our way. Otherwise, we were poor. Deserved fuck all, got fuck all.


Had a burger. I’d have to agree with you.


Dire 0-0 in torrential rain.


Would have taken that at Basingstoke tbh.


With some finishing ability Whyteleafe could have easily won. One ballooned over the bar would have made Benteke proud.


Like a Basingstoke penalty. Missed the target by at least a couple of yards. Dismal stuff all round.

Still, could have been a Harrow fan. Long trip to Taunton, 2-nil down at half time and down to eight men, three straight reds. Ended up losing 7-0.


Missed opportunity for Whyteleafe, with a win they would have gone 2nd and slightly closed the gap on Cray Wanderers who only drew. They’re still 11 points clear at the top.


Didn’t make the trip to Coalville for King’s Lynn’s second away match in a row (third is on Wednesday). Game had it all: red card for Coalville, missed penalty for them too, and Lynn came back from 2-0 and 3-1 down to draw 3-3. Three draws on the bounce but unbeaten since the beginning of September.


We definitely need to arrange a DiS non league meet at some point.