Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Did you accidentally like this, @Scout? (Apologies if you’re a closet King’s Lynn fan and I missed it :smiley: )


Accidental like. Probably toddler in origin.


Cracking time down the Creek for a local derby against Mangotsfield. Ended a disappointing 1-2, and Manor Farm are perilously close to the drop, but a new pre-match pub routine was successfully trialed and we were all utterly distracted by photographer Martin Parr being there doing a shoot.

Times, as ever, had.


Was also at The Creek on Saturday. Couple of really good goals, thought Manor Farm’s was a lovely move, and Mangotsfield’s winner was a nice finish. Had yellow suit guy right behind us in the burger van queue at half time, with Martin Parr taking photos, so might end up in one. Have any idea what they were there for?


We had a chat to Martin but don’t think any of us outright asked what the shoot was about. Lovely chap though.



Freezing at The Walks for King’s Lynn Vs Rushall. We took an early lead against the run of play after our number 11 slotted home a very tight rebound off his own shot. Second goal was a penalty that was needlessly conceded by Rushall. And the third was a bicycle kick from our central defender! Nice.

Having a hot chocolate to aid with the defrosting.


State of our programme yesterday :rofl:


I didnt go to Palace yesterday as I’m still pissed off with them, and really couldn’t be bothered with the rain.

I did contemplate either staying local with Whyteleafe or going to Carshalton.

Decided on neither in the end due to the weather and extremely low moods.

Missed a cracker at Whyteleafe. Fair play to this guy.

I went all the way to Ashford last week for a 0-0 in torrential rain. But missed this. Typical.


Yesterday Hendon got romped 5-1 at Walton Casuals. Such a miserable day.

2 mile walk from the station, pissing with rain, no hot food at the ground, only beer on tap was Heineken, we didn’t turn up at all then the cab back to the station added another 10 minutes onto my journey and tried to charge me £23. For what should have been a 2 mile drive. Wasn’t having that. Might have called the cabbie a profiteering cunt before flinging him a tenner.


£23? Christ. I always remember my dad losing it with a cab driver under similar circumstances when I was 7 or 8.


It’s these kind of stories that make non-league great.


Am doing the triple this Christmas break:

1 x Premier League
1 x Non-League
1 x Women’s Super League

That’s known as “the triple” right?


It is now!

Think I’m doing:

2 x Southern League South Prem
1 x National League South

Not sure what, if anything else.


Colston Avenue was awash with rain and frozen by winds Saturday, but we overcame the ‘overly physical’ Dorking 1-0 (the only goal over the course of 180 minutes played by the two clubs recently) and we are at home again in the next round to the victor of Salisbury vs Braintree Town.


A great 3-1 win for Whyteleafe against East Grinstead in the A22 derby.

Whyteleafe are up to 2nd now. Still 7 points behind Cray Wanderers though.

Also as Palace beat City it became apparent how many Palace fans were there, which was a good excuse for me to break the ice and chat with some other leafe fans.


4-0 win today against a pretty hopeless Lowestoft Town side. We were 2-0 up within ten minutes; they fought back and looked threatening, and ended up gaining a penalty, which was taken dreadfully and easily saved.

Another two goals in the second half made it 4-0 at full-time. We’re up to third: a long way from the top spot but we’ve P9 W6 D3 L0 under the new management so it’s all looking promising.


From being top of the league 2 months ago we’ve just collapsed. 1 win in 10 games (thank fuck I did go to the away game at Dorking a few weeks ago), bottom of the form table, down to 8th but Worthing have a shit load of games in hand over us.

Our manager in the last 2 seasons has got fixated on a system and refused to change it even when it’s been stale and only yielded losses for several months. We were dreadful first half today, got back into it and were piling on pressure early in the second half… Only for the manager to stubbornly stick with one man up front and substituting one striker for another (when the only reason we hadn’t scored a second goal was because we didn’t have enough men in the area and were crying out for a second striker).

The fans have had enough of this game in game out and booed him taking off the new striker. Soon after that we conceded, then conceded a third in stoppage time. First time in ages I’ve seen everyone leave the stand as soon as the final whistle went. Something has to change, and I’m sad to say it might be the manager that needs to go :confused: We have a great squad but, just like last year, we’re careening towards a mid table finish because of persisting with a failed system. He doesn’t seem to like having any versatility or alternative plans :frowning:


It’s the Christmas gift that keeps giving:

Father Adrian (who I’ve met and is a certified GBOL) is obviously a DiSer:

The wig must have slipped off this one. And is that Elvis in the manger?


I went to Dorking Wanderers v Leatherhead. (The Mole Valley Derby). Ended up 2-0 to Dorking, although Leatherhead had more chances.

The ground was rammed with an attendance of 1529, which is a record for them. When I saw them earlier this season against Wingate there were only 429,

100% record seeing Dorking.


Our 21-goal leading scorer has left the club and looks likely to sign for Crawley Town on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Interesting case, Ricky. Bucketloads of ability and you don’t score 21-goals by accident inside half a season, however his work ethic, team ethic and attitude was a long way off where it needs to be. Compared to the four lads we had buzzing around last season up top, he’s a mile off. I wish him well and think the move will benefit both us and him, but he needs to improve signficantly to have any chance of making it in the pro game.