Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


We’re in this Frankenstein’s monster of a division at the moment which seems to be a mixture of village sides (Barwell, Alvechurch) and fallen midlands giants (Telford, Halesowen). We’ve also swapped potentially pleasant away trips to Weymouth, Dorchester and the like for fortnightly drudging to the Midlands. If we get to the play-off finals (we’re fourth at present, unbeaten for ages but keep drawing) then it’s likely to be Stourbridge away. Bleak. (They probably think the same of travelling to King’s Lynn tbf)


Rather you than me, I’ll be honest. There’s a lot of shit trips in the Isthmian that I don’t miss at all - or at least there was, there’s not so much Essex now - and it’s nice to go to some quite nice places like Dorchester and Tiverton. The idea of trudging into the outskirts of the West Mids on a regular basis does absolutely nothing at all for me.


I don’t usually bother with away trips. Fuck spending five hours of my Saturday on the A14/M6/M42. I live about five minutes’ walk from our ground, so it fits in nicely with family commitments etc. (Mind you, our away form has been excellent this year so more fool me).


I find the away days are good for my MH. If I have the kids with me then I tend to knock them on the head, but I don’t mind the travelling on my own and making a day of it.

That said, again, in spite of distances the roads themselves aren’t too bad once you get off the M25.

It definitely wouldn’t be feasible if I was still with my ex though.


The like is for the away day MH thing :slight_smile: I’d probably travel around a bit more if my circumstances were different. I’m actually going to try to make a point of being more welcoming to away fans because I think we’ve got a bit of a reputation for being hostile. Nobody wants that really.


Aye, tbh the last thing I want after a long drive or train journey is any aggro. Love sharing a beer before and after the game with the oppo fans, shaking hands whatever the result. A bit of rivalry during the game is cool, but I watch NL football to avoid all the stupid tribal nonsense you get at higher levels.


I’m really enjoying going to away games and various random non-league games. I go on my own as I don’t really know anyone who’d be that interested in it.
I used to be paranoid about doing things on my own thinking people I was billy-no-mates. But I’m past that now and really enjoy it.

So far this season I’ve done.

Whyteleafe (obviously)
Carshalton Athletic V Kingstonian
Merstham v Carshalton Athletic
Dorking Wanderers (twice)
Tonbridge Angels (v Whyteleafe)
Whitstable Town (v Whyteleafe) (went with some Whitstable friends)
Ashford United (v Whyteleafe)

Next weekend I’m going back to Carshalton (with a couple of friends this time).

I’m pretty sure I won’t be renewing my Palace season ticket next year, which is a thing I do with friends. But cost, the whole being moved thing, I’m not really feeling it anymore.


Carshalton are preparing to welcome Steve Claridge and his Salisbury squad tomorrow - a place at the FA Trophy 3rd round at stake! No real ‘favourite’ here so should be a cracking game.


Ah - good luck! By common consensus Salisbury are the best side we’ve played this season, should be a good game!

How has Taofiq settled in?


It’s all kicking off in the Southern League Central Division :man_facepalming:


If Palace weren’t at home I’d be there. I’ll be there next week though.


I’ve found myself starting to look out for Hendon and Tonbridge results. Commiserations @he_2 but firework emojis :fireworks: for @imaperv :fireworks:


I didn’t make the trip to Royston today. Sounded like the worst game but we scraped an injury time winner. Up to third again.


So Carshalton beat Sailsbury 4-1. I really should have gone to that rather than the dire Palace Watford game.


Thanks. Fucking pumped!! We were immense in the first half; Read’s best performance in an Angels shirt. Undeservedly conceded 2 just before half time and looked humbled for most of the second half (not helped by Read going off for feeling ill) but our new striker scored his first Angels goal on 70 mins for the win.

Also delighted to see Rob Tolfrey aka the Bognor Basher back in goal for Kingstonian. A true non league legend. They were generally poor, amazed they’re doing so well in the table.



Thanks, man. Didn’t expect anything else. Went to Hampton 2-0 Dulwich. Decent game, deserved win for the hosts.


A lovely 4-1 for Manor Farm against struggling Barnstaple yesterday. Goals featured a scissor kick, a long range missile, and one after 90 seconds that I didn’t see. Great fun.


Carshalton have been drawn at home to Barnet in the FA Trophy.

Really fancy going to that, although Palace are home to Fulham that day.


My mate told me that last night, it’s my daughter’s birthday otherwise I would probably have gone along, especially with Barnet being led by a couple of ex Hendon legends at the moment.


“It will take a lot of hard work but I am more than willing to roll my sleeves up and I can’t wait to get started.”, says Steve Watson, shortly before donning a blindfold and starting work on defusing an unexploded bomb. With his teeth.