Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


So, days after scoring two very late goals to come back from 1-0 down to win, the universe decides we should have a taste of our medicine and has Hereford repeat the trick, scoring twice in three minutes near the end to take the points.

F*ck you, universe.


Sorry, pressed the wrong reply button there, hence the entirely irrelevant interjection to the Haringey chat.

Mind you, the way things are going, we’ll be in the same league soon enough.


Highlights from the thrilling Carshalton vs Barnet game - what an afternoon! Definitely going to the replay - I used to live near The Hive in the recent past but never went along.


Bit of a question, hopefully hypothetical for everyone.

If it was announced by your club’s board that they could no longer afford to finance a ‘competitive’ playing budget for their current level of football and put two options on the table for supporters to consider, which would you vote for?

  • Cut the playing budget to £0 and take the beatings with gallows humour whilst finding a sustainable level (they can guarantee fielding a team, but might just be youngsters)
  • Seek voluntary relegation at the end of the season of at least 2 levels

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Just interested to see if the general thinking is along the same lines as my own after reading something a little earlier.


Are you talking with reference to St Neots?

If so, I’m really confused by events there. Basically they’ve asked to be demoted to step five at the end of the season, thus rendering the final third of their season meaningless. Their manager has also announced (with something like 14 or 15 games to go) that he’ll be stepping down at the end of the season. It was bad enough for us last season when Culverhouse announced his departure a couple of games before the play-offs.


Yeah, reading an article on them was what prompted the question, but it’s been something that I’ve often wandered what other people’s take would be if it was their club.

The set-up at St Neots is excellent - we went a couple of years ago in pre-season - however it always baffles me why, so often in these cases, clubs don’t plug the hole in their finances by cutting the playing budget to a level they can sustain and see what happens, but take the easy way out with these voluntary relegations.

Hendon were reprieved from relegation back in 2006 because Canvey Island’s backer went off to Chelmsford with his suitcase of money, they resigned from the conference and were originally put in the Ryman Prem. They then asked to go into Ryman Div 1 which was what reprieved us. My problem with them, and Grays, was that whilst they were all living well beyond their sustainable means they were happy to hand out the tonkings on their way up - as soon as the money dried up it was a case of picking and choosing their level rather than taking the tonkings on their way back down. That doesn’t sit comfortably with me.

I remember conversations at Hendon where those of us on the Trust board were effectively given four options.

  1. seek a merger with Wembley (where we were groundsharing)
  2. slash the playing budget and accept that we will probably be relegated one, possibly two levels within a couple of years
  3. seek voluntary relegation two divisions
  4. fold

I think I, and one other that was sat around the table went for option 2 which really surprised me.


But yeah, the other announcements are pretty baffling as well, as you point out.


Dad and brother went to Lewes last night. Game abandoned on 39 mins because, well:

Hoping they reschedule for the 20th. Idk why Lewes have to play their bloody home games on Wednesdays :sleepy:


Goalie looks like he’s just crawled out of the six-yard box. Lovely stuff.


Old school penalty area, love it!


Its been more than dripping at fhe Dripping Pan.


It’s then good fun at this level in March / April when everything’s dried out and the pitch is bobbly as hell. Truth be told, it was a miracle that our keeper never sliced a clearance into his own net.


Was thinking about this for the same reason last night. The thing with Canvey was that they looked plenty handy enough to stay up in the Ryman Premier. I have some sympathy with the views expressed on the Tony Kempster forum about how a couple of seasons of endless defeats could kill a club, but all too often it doesn’t appear to be factoring in so much as “we’ve had our fun, now we want to go back and have a bit more”.


Aye, our Middlesex Senior Cup Final last season was played on a surface better suited to Motorcross. One of our lads turned on the peak of a hump, no one within 5 yards of him went down and stayed down for a while. When asked on his way back to the dugout by our fans if he had twisted his ankle or something, our physio said ‘nah, he stayed down out of shame!’


Tickets booked for Barnet v Carshalton tonight, so no backing out now. Hopefully it will be a good game.

Dorking beat Kingstonian 7-1 at the weekend. They are storming at the moment, Leigh Dynan the Kingstonian (and ex Whyteleafe boss) stepped down after. He completely decimated Whyteleafes team when he left. I know that happens at that level, but still Whyteleafe were looking good that year.


Solihull Moors can go top of the National League if they win away at Aldershot tonight, a great achievement for them if they manage to do that. Tim Flowers doing a great job there, they’ve got a good bunch of players.


He appears to have decimated Kingstonian’s team several times since as well. Weird happenings - think the K’s fans were overly quick to have a go at him, but their board should have probably stepped in quicker this time season… they’ve got very poor value for what they must be spending with this season’s calibre of player.


Yeah - I don’t think he always came across too well in interviews, but Ks fans didn’t ever really seem to take to him at all. He did seem a bit quick to try and find excuses or shift the blame which is something that I never like to see as a fan.

I think his second or third game in charge was at SJP last season and Kingstonian were the best side I saw us play against. Absolutely played us off the park and looked shoo-ins for the play-offs on that performance. For some reason he never managed to settle on a team - the number of players he got through is eye-watering.


Hope the Robins give a good account of themselves. Barnet aren’t in great form so there’s definitely a chance! Enjoy the visit.

As I mentioned in the daily thread, first visit back to Champion Hill tonight for Dulwich v Brentford B in the London Senior Cup. Looking forward to it.


On the tube back from Barnet.

Carshalton gave a good account of themselves but Barnet were clearly the better team. When they went 1 down after 7 minutes I feared a cricket score, but Carshalton stayed calm a d equalised with their first shot, which was shortlived.

Barnet have a lovely ground and setup. Great burgers too.

We might go back Barnet v Bromley on Easter Monday.

Just a mere hour and a half to get home.