Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Dulwich lost 1-0 to Brentford’s second string, a game which Brentford could have won 4-0 with more judicious finishing, equally Dulwich could have won 4-1 with, well, more judicious finishing.

A clash of styles, Brentford’s drilled pattern play against Dulwich’s more individual style. The Bees players were technically a mile ahead of their opponents yet physically a mile behind. Really makes me question the set up of English football at youth level and behind the first team. I’m all for technique, and I prefer that over sheer physique, but there has to be a balance, these lovely talented footballers have to have a chance when up against men.

Anyway, £6 entry, met some old friends, made new acquaintances, a decent evening all in.


Make that two hours to get home. Missed my connection by seconds. Not a great day for public transport.


we’ve just signed this lad. no complaints. (also enjoyed that the last photo in the article was of him with one of our best players, Joe Turner)


They’re probably last season’s Cardiff of the Championship - upsetting the odds and playing effective football which properly riles opposition. Four red cards in their match at Ebbsfleet last weekend!


Not his fault.



Also, well done Tonbridge tonight @imaperv - anyone that beats that lot of shitsters is okay by me.


Up to 4th!!


Full highlights of the Barnet game here via Carshalton’s TV channel:

Got to agree - plan to keep them quiet this time round was scuppered early, but Jacob’s goal was well-crafted and taken. They always say you’re at your most vulnerable after just scoring :frowning:

What a great effort though - two fantastic second-half chances to equalise and it could’ve gone to at least extra time. The squad did everyone proud however and it was a fun night out.


So you went as well, where did you sit? I didn’t move over to the Carshalton block and stayed near the half way line. We still jumped up and celebrated the Carshalton goal.

I’ll give this a watch later.

It was a really good night out.


Block F - that’s where us hardcore Robins congregated. Glad to hear you celebrated while it not being segregated, ‘these colours don’t run’ :wink:


This just reminded me, the Barnet centre back (number 26 I with the ponytail) was a really class act. The best player on the pitch by a mile.


Dan Sweeney, yeah he is good - a lot of their fans bemoaned the fact he was taken off in the first tie as it helped Carshalton get back into it. He is brother of Ryan Sweeney iirc.

I really enjoyed watching Elito, I thought he was marvellous for Barnet over the two games.


Did you book your tickets via Carshalton? I got ours through the Barnet website as it was unsegregated. I did think about moving over, but liked the view from the half way line. Some Barnet fans behind us were shouting over at the Carshalton fans when they were appealing for the freekick on the byline.


Back on the non-league tomorrow. Bloody excited.


Went to Trafford today, having moved close a few weeks back.

Footy was terrible bit pie and beer was :ok_hand:


Hendon picked up their first win in two and a half months. 9 straight defeats followed by 4 straight draws, now a single win on the bounce. Crucial too, keeps the relegation zone at arms length. Chuffed to bits for the manager and those players who have bothered their arses during that run - the squad is stronger now than its been all season, I think we’re going to be okay.

Beat Merthyr 2-0 on the road. Our previous win was against Merthyr at home, 3-0, on 1st December. Hopefully the league will let us play them again next week!


Called out some homophobic #bantz from a Wingate and Finchley player towards a Tonbridge one I saw on Twitter. Should have screeshotted the tweet and sent it onto the FA perhaps, didn’t and the player concerned swiftly deleted said comment.


Saw the Wingate game had 4 goals in the 90th minute.


Yup - Ahmet Rifat picked up his first red card of the season - no mean feat considering he managed 4 last season. Mind you he missed most of the season up to this point.


Well hopefully the way they are going they’ll be relegated.