Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Hope springs eternal!


Looks like Dorking are dead certs for promotion too.

Dorking, Merstham and Tonbridge all up there is pretty great.

Whitehawk falling further is too.


Similar to our division.

Taunton or Weymouth will win it, the one that misses out, Met Police and Salisbury look to have three of the play-off spots sewn up with a real bun-fight for the fourth.

I’d like to see Worthing get into the play-offs, they’re a really nice club who play some lovely football - battered Harlow yesterday as well. Heard lots of good things about Dorking this season, good luck to them, they look set-up for the division above.

As for Whitehawk, another example of a club chasing the dream and having no plan B once the money ran dry.


I’ve been three times this season. Really lovely ground and set up, I bumped into an old friend who I’d not seen in 20 years. He’s a regular there.

Reckon I’ll go back next weekend. Not that I’m a glory hunter or anything.


Ugh. Who was it to?




he was really good in both matches against Brentford in the FA Cup, would be surprised if he didn’t move up a division in the summer


I’m going to back to Dorking tomorrow for Dorking Wanderers v Bishop Stortford.

Dorking have scored 13 in their last two home games, so I’m expecting a 0-0.

The weather looks glorious so I’m planning on getting a train a per match walk and pub visit before the game. It’s three trains to get there though, and it’s only around 15 miles away.


Looks like it will be a glorious day for football. Each of the three trains take between 12 and 15 minutes. But with two 20 minute waits between trains.
But at least the weathers nice and I can enjoy some beers.


Dorkings ground is so lovely in the sunshine.


Nah, fuck off.

Against ten men with fifty minutes to go at 1-0 down? Why not lose 4-0?

Fucking wasters.


First game I’ve managed to get to for a few weeks, due to holidays and postponements. King’s Lynn came out 4-1 winners against Coalville - who are supposed to be one of our biggest play-off rivals but who I thought were a very poor side. (Unimaginative, terrible at keeping possession, made loads of mistakes at the back). Could have been 5-1 if we’d not missed our first penalty. Good game.


Bloody brilliant at Manor Farm yesterday v Moneyfields. An early home goal, a massive handball followed by a should’ve been disallowed equaliser, a stamp leading to a red card, and a winner for BMF in off the crossbar. Totally great.

No better way to spend £15 (entry and a couple of pints) on a Saturday.


Massive contest this coming Saturday for Carshalton:

The Robins are 10 unbeaten now and one point outside play-offs.
Dorking Wanderers have won 11 in a row and will no doubt win the title.

The pair meet at Meadowbank this weekend and I’m so up for it! Should be a right ding-dong and Carshalton have kept two clean sheets against Dorking so far this season.


Dorkings ground is lovely. I’ve been to four of their games this season, with a 100% record.

There last four home wins have been 7-0, 6-0, 1-0, 6-0. I was at the 1-0 which was a dull game with an amazing goal.

I actually bumped into an old friend who also goes to Palace so I’m going to go to Dorking more often.

I would definitely be there on Saturday if I wasn’t going to the FA cup QF.


Yeah, I’ve heard good things - I have only been there before the work began.

Ha, typical - they probably knew you were there so just did the bare minimum! Those results caught my eye however, so just hope we can at least keep a clean sheet cos that’ll give us half a chance.

FA Cup QF is not as big as this one :wink:


+1 for being a fan of Dorking’s ground, a women’s bathroom being heated in December was one of the most delightful things I’ve ever encountered at a game


They’ve only been at this ground this season, previously they played at a field in Westhumble.
The old Dorking FC used to play at the current ground, who went out of business in 2013.

This is a new club, I think they’ve had 10 promotions since forming as park football club.


The toilets are really nice (mens that is), infact that whole block and the club house upstairs is fantastic.


Oh, I thought it was still based at Westhumble and they’d built on that site. Cool.