Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


I think some of the leagues are operating East to West this year rather than North to South, which will make sense for some clubs but absolutely none for others. Could be one of them’s fell on the wrong side of the revised boundaries?


Season before last I started going to my local non league team - Bristol Manor Farm. Basically hooked now. Get there on a train, is by some water, everyone is lovely, cracking bar, good standard and ambitious, then after you get the train straight to Whiteladies or Gloucester Rd for a lovely evening out.



Yeah it looks that way, the two clubs are only 3 or 4 miles apart.


Absolutely this - our nearest side at the same level next season is Wingate and Finchley, about 6 miles away. They’re in the Bostik League though and we’re in the Southern. The border has to fall somewhere.

In terms of Guernsey, @ynot, it certainly used to be the case that Guernsey would pay travel costs and accomodation for (I think) 16 members of the opposition - it was part of the deal that saw them accepted into the pyramid. I think Step 4 is likely to be their plateau having rinsed the Combined Counties League.



that’s not the world’s first!!! bradford have been doing something similar for years, £50 and a tenner per match or something


Think i’m going to struggle with this Salford/Roooooooonnnnnneeeeeeeey stuff.

Ground looks great, though.


F.C. lose 5-1 at Stockport.


Maine Road 1 Eccleshall 2.

£11 for travel, a ticket, a programme, a pie and a pint (if you partake).

Attendance: 45


What league/level do they play at?


North West Counties Division One South. Level 6 in old money, or Level 10 including the professional leagues.

The standard’s very decent. They went down last season, though, Maine Road, and virtually their entire squad jumped ship.


I’ve always thought of it as level 10, step 6 to differentiate. Good value that.


Wish we were still in the north west counties.


It’s a great league. Just been reformatted.

I remember FC playing Maine Road in Chorlton in a friendly. Must’ve been around a decade ago now. I forget how many were there now, think it might have been 1,000 or so. Part of the Josh Wright deal if memory serves. Good set of pics here…

When they played in the league they moved it to Stalybridge and there were over 3,000. Technically Maine Road’s biggest ever home attendance by far.


Paul Scholes wearing number 3 now??


Jerome Wright.

Went to the Stalybridge game. Proper good times. Wall went down at the front of our end when we scored.

First few seasons at FC are probably my favourite taking 1500-2000 away regularly never seen as many drunk people in my life.

Games getting moved because the ground was too small was a ball ache. Ended up playing at Chorley 4 or 5 times a season


Went to the Salford game today. Decent stuff. Ground and pitch are both tip top.


Good article on Salford’s spending and how it affects the National League promotion hunt.


Absolutely right, but the National League (Conference) should probably start by allowing 4 up/4 down from each of its regional divisons to kill off the ridiculous notion that 2 teams at Step 3 should win their playoffs and not get promoted.


Going to try to document the grounds i visit on Twitter. Bit of a work in progress obviously, but here’s a thread from a game i went to this weekend.

I’ve not got a proper camera and i’m blind as a bat, so the pics will be naff initially. Hoping to visit 100 grounds over the season.