Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


F.C. United v Ashton United on Tuesday night if you wanna tick off broadhurst park


Lancs are playing Durham otherwise i’d be there.

Quite like it actually. Not a huge fan of the ground, but the old kop-style stand behind the goal’s a great place to watch football and the beer was cheap last time i went.

Obviously it’s a bit grim standing with 2,000 to 3,000 angry lapsed United fans, but headphones make it bearable.


poll time, who’s interested in going to a non-league game with fellow DiSers?

multiple choice poll - as i mentioned upthread i’ll be in Glasgow on 10th November so that date is fixed

and I’m up for a weekend in Manchester some time

  • Glasgow (10th November)
  • Manchester
  • London

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might be a good idea to do this in a new thread as there may well be people who wouldn’t read this thread but would be up for it as a day out…


If you go on a Saturday I’ll come and buy you a pint :beer:


I support/follow West Didsbury & Chorlton from afar these days but I think they could have an interesting season. They’ve had a lot of turnover, with some club icons leaving, but they’re a really well run club. Saul Henderson often looks incredible when he’s up for it.

@bugduv Assume you’ve been to Brookburn Road? Any thoughts on them for this season?


I watch them fairly regularly, yeah. I believe their goalkeeper’s joined City as a coach, and Ben Steer, who looked good in pre-season’s moved to Wythenshawe Town. Going through their squad list it looks like Woods and Evangelinos have gone as well. Those three all scored 10-15 last season.

They’ve got some good players from or who were at Maine Road. Mason’s a solid centre-back, Langford and Breslin’s are tidy midfielders, and Henderson and especially Bailey will always score goals at that level. Bailey got nearly 40 last season and could play a level or two higher. Think he scored in an FA Vase/Trophy final at Wembley a couple of seasons ago.

It’s such a cool club. Mad how much it’s changed over a few seasons. They’ve left Maine Road behind really, which is a shame, but they’re so proactive with stuff. I’ve said before but it’s hard not to notice how many kids, women and young adults go to their games. It’s a mile off the few old timers and a couple of dogs you get at most grounds.


Yeah, Ashley has gone to City to coach amongst the youth teams which is really cool for him, but a fairly big loss for WD&C. Evangelinos is the biggest loss. Think he went to Ashton around November last year and they didn’t really look the same afterwards. Like you said, hopefully Bailey can replicate his goalscoring records because it’s sorely needed.

I think that’s one of the main things I like about non-league - turnover is a given and ultimately there’s no hard feelings about people moving on, and in the case of Evangelinos, I think everyone would love to see him succeed in making a step up at Ashton.

Agreed that it seems to have changed significantly over the last few seasons, and at times I worry it occasionally verges into parody of ‘cult’ clubs through gimmickry. At the heart of it though I think fundamentally it’s just a sensibly run club, mixed with some genuinely progressive and valuable ideas. Maine Road seem equally well run though, and despite leaving them behind a bit I think both clubs thrive off of their rivalry. I think last season the derby got over 800 people turning up!


Might go to sheffield fc’s home opener on the 21st. World’s oldest football club, but they don’t like to go on about it


I’ve decided on my first non-league game of the season.

Carshalton Athletic v Kingstonian on the 18th. Palace are playing on the Monday night, giving me a free Saturday.


Nice local derby, that one. Need to get to Colston Avenue at some point this season as my best pal lives less than a Curtis Warmington clearance from the ground (both Robins and Ks fans of a certain vintage will get the reference).

Tempted to go to Hampton v Hemel tomorrow - plenty of ex-Hendon on show in both teams and we don’t start until Saturday. Might do Edgware v North Greenford or Colney Heath v Harpenden instead if I’m not back home in time to get the the Beveree.


I’m looking forward to it. I’ve not been there in years (Palace preseason friendly)

It’s pretty easy for me to get to, train and bus (same route as work, which will be depressing on a Saturday).

If any other DiSers fancy it let me know. I doubt I’ll find any interested mates in going to a non league game.


I’m going to see Concord Rangers take on the evil Billericay tonight.

Can’t wait to think of a scathing jibe to say to Jamie O’Hara’s face before bottling it when I actually get there!


F.C. throw away a 3-1 lead to lose 4-3 at home to Ashton United.

Ashton are a poor side we could be in trouble.

13 goals in the first 2 games of the season is some going. Shame we conceded 9 of them


How was it?

I saw 'ricay netted a late equaliser to stop the vistiors snatching the points. New Concord boss Sammy Moore rubbed a few oppo managers up the wrong way last season, but good luck to him. Clearly an ambitious young man.

Went to Edgware v North Greenford United last night. I’ll do well to see a worse game this season. Absolute abject shite.

Good to say 'wor Niko open his Hartlepool account last night.


Really enjoyed it. It was a good game and going into it I was expecting Billericay to blow Concord away a bit so 1-1 was nice to see and probably a fair reflection of the game.

What was distinctly noticeable was how cohesive and tactically astute Concord were in comparison to Billericay. Billy Knott in particular looked great for Concord, pulling the majority of the strings. Alex Wall looked very decent too but was a bit isolated up front because of Concord understandably being a bit cautious. Interesting that the manager has that reputation - in what way?

Billericay seem entirely reliant on the individual talent of players who are a bit too good for the league, throwing stuff until it eventually sticks. Think they’re obviously going to have a good season though unfortunately. Their transfer policy this season has been a bit more sensible than giving massive wages to the likes of Jermaine Pennant and Paul Konchesky too.

Jamie O’Hara was rubbish which was lovely to see. Hollywood balls to nowhere from the centre circle (where he stayed all game).


know he’s had personal issues but Billy Knott is still a hell of a talent to have at that level
looked intermittently class for us in league one. will always love him for this


Same thing Billericay did last time around. Little idea there of how to build a team that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Worst thing Tamplin did was get involved in the on the field decision making; really should have let Craig Edwards get on with it and they’d have walked the league last season instead of doing their best to fluff it.


Urgh yeah. He was on the touchline alongside the manager last night in a cream suit shouting instructions to the players. Such a narcissistic loser.


This thread is making me really miss living 3 minutes walk away from Bath City.


Yeah was just reading about his struggles with depression which is really sad. He’s from Canvey Island so perhaps Concord (and playing consistently) is what he needs right now.