Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


Just little snippets - celebrating goals in the face of oppo managers on occasion, heard of one occasion when he did it to another team’s manager he’d been close with throughout the season up until that point.

That’s exactly what they did last season. When we beat them 4-1 at our place in March I genuinely thought they were going to throw the title away. They were a collection of very good individuals but were completely outplayed by our lads who whilst largely inferior individually (with one or two exceptions) were far better as a collective. The approach over the 46 games though paid dividends in the end purely because they had enough to beat most sides and because Sam Deering and Jake Robinson were playing at least two divisions lower than they should have been.



Campaign of MargHate, Death on the BroadStairs, you get the drift…


West Didsbury & Chorlton vs Squires Gate in the FA Cup extra preliminary round today. Lost one, drew one so far in the league, so it’d be great to get a big money win.


Not technically non-league, but just seen an 11-goal thriller between the City and Arsenal kids. Should’ve been about four pens as well. Absolutely barmy. Could’ve honestly been 10-10.



Didn’t manage to get to Frome for Hendon’s opening day draw. Late own goal denied us three points.

Went to St Margaretsbury v Enfield 1893 in the FA Cup yesterday, decent game and great value for £7 for the Enfield keeper alone. The stream of invective exiting his lips was unlike anything I’ve ever heard. A volley of curses directed towards his team-mates for the full 90 minutes, some of which expounded in the manner of a Wetherspoon soak. The joke was on him, though, as he played the entire match with the label from his shorts hanging out.

Two good goals and a brilliant brilliant penalty save from the home keeper saw the hosts win 2-0, the St Margaretsbury left winger should be playing at a higher level, his awareness, strength and weight of pass was wasted in that company. That said, he never once tracked his full-back in a defensive manner.

Nice little set-up, very welcoming club as the overwhelming majority are.

Might head to Chelmsford or Wealdstone tonight.



Any non league folks from south east England here? I’m be down that way (Canterbury) on Sat 25th Aug and am looking for a match to watch. Any suggestions?


Ooooh, that weekend (25th Aug) looks like it’s an FA Cup qualifying weekend. Guess I’ll have to wait and see the draw when it happens.


Matches on the 25th August begin on Page 3. Sure there’ll be something nearby for you to pop along to.


The sexiest date for football


Whitstable Town might be worth a visit. They’ve got a cup game on Wednesday, but if they lose that they have a home league game that day v Haywards Heath unless of course they are still in the cup.

I’ll probably be going to Whyteleafe v Erith or Saltdean United that day.


Brilliant! Thanks for this


Went to Wealdstone v Woking last night in the National League South.

Very impressive crowd of 1300-plus, bumped into Hendon’s old gaffer and had a good and enlightening chat with him.

Woking bossed the first half, however couldn’t find the net. @imaperv will know Nick Wheeler, he’s been the best left winger in the Bostik for the past 3 or 4 years, he was excellent first half and was denied by a brilliant save from the Wealdstone keeper. After the break, it was the Stones who bossed things and won the game through a late penalty - very soft award from the referee who otherwise had a good game.

Both sides looked very decent in their good halves, if Hendon had gone up last season we would have had our work cut out to say the least.

Pleased that Wealdstone had revised their original intention to increase admission to £15 from £12 for adults, I wouldn’t have gone if that had been the case. £13 is still ruddy steep for the 7th tier, but the game was excellent entertainment. Expect both sides to be in and around the play-off bunfight.

Tonight finally get to watch Hendon competively. Home to Walton Casuals - my programme editorial debut as well. Written an article around football and mental health that is quite personal and I’m a bit nervous about it now… Oh well.


Great stuff. Good luck with it. Bloody love a decent match programme. Sometimes i end up reading them during the game and forgetting about it altogether.

Used to have a near complete collection of City home programmes from the 50s and 60s. Sold them to make ends meet. Gutted. Most of them were in excellent condition. Quite hard to find ones where the staples haven’t rusted or where back page stubs haven’t been cut out.

Out of interest, are programmes voluntary or compulsory in your league, if compulsory are there any requirements in terms of number printed and pages, etc, and do the league help at all in terms of content or is it all inhouse?


Thanks, man.

They were compulsory in the Boston, voluntary in the Southern League. We were thinking of going online only, but decided against it for this season.

In the Bostik we had to provide a certain number for the dressing rooms and boardroom then guess for the crowd. Usually, a run of 60-80 does us.

In terms of content, we don’t get anything from the league but occasionally lift an article from the Non League Paper. The rest are regular features and so on. Luckily, I love writing so it’s all good from my point of view.


Nick Wheeler! Selfish af but a great player.

I’m also going to my first competitive game of the season tonight (v Lewes). Barnstorming 3-0 win in our first game on Saturday against Merstham, so very excited to see how we look this evening.


Give sexy Arthur my best.


First and probably only game I’ll get to for Torquay this season* will be against Gloucester City over the August bank holiday. Apparently they’re playing their games at Eversham this season which is a nice wee town iirc. Remember my dad driving there to buy a computer about 25 years ago and taking us all down for a day trip.

*what with us being in NL South now and me moving further north. Might see if I can coincide a weekend in London with a game. Dulwich on 1st December might be a good one.