Non-League Football Thread - 2019/20 (Rolling)

We got through in the FA Cup against a spirited Bracknell Town on Saturday, highlights here:

We’ve been drawn against Harrow Borough away in the next round - we used to battle it out in the Isthmian Premier a few years ago, now they are in the Southern League South. Made a good start to their season , mind.

Intriguing tie, that one!

Harrow are going well - they started last season well too, played us off the park twice, but then had an appalling run in the last eight/ten weeks that saw them drop out of the play-offs and finish mid-table.

More than beatable though and the pitch won’t be in great shape either.

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We’ve been drawn at home to Deeping Rangers or AFC Sudbury who replay tomorrow.

Don’t know much about Deeping Rangers, plenty of history with AFC Sudbury having played 3 lost 3 in FA Competitions against them in the past decade (scored 2 conceded 9), then in our one home league meeting against them the game was abandoned because the players took it upon themselves to have a brawl.

Yeah, will be worried about the pitch not being conducive to our passing play but you have to adapt to these things and find a way to win.

So I went to the Dartford match at home to Dorking Wanderers on Saturday. Turned up just before 1pm as I was working at the game and lo and behold, none other than Steve King was there. Chatted to him for a bit and to my surprise, he was there doing media work, conducting pre and post-match interviews and providing updates - probably thought he’d give the Darts caretaker boss who’s also a director at the club a bit of a shock by going to interview him. Just said he’s been out and about watching games as you would do if you were an out of work manager.

In terms of the action on the pitch, it was a cracking game with some quality goals and a dubious red card which ended with Dorking winning a 4-3 thriller. The equalising free-kick from Giuseppe Sole at 3:18 is properly filthy.

This is fucking brilliant!


3rd vs 4th tomorrow as Hornchurch come to Carshalton - should be a cracking match as both clubs scoring for fun and keeping clean sheets, something will have to give! (or it’ll be 0-0 :smiley: )

So Wheeler sacked by Tamplin and O’Hara replaces him - allegedly because Wheeler wasn’t playing Tamplin’s son enough :smirk:

Just heard at Hendon’s meeting that Wheeler has been shown the door again… Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, especially if that’s the reason. They ain’t going up.

More or less confirmed by the club statement. Doesn’t require much reading between the lines!

Sham club.

A statement on Billericay’s website said: "We can now confirm that Harry Wheeler has been relieved of his duties and has left the club after a recent meeting with the owner.

"Differences of opinion have led to the decision and the owner feels changes needed to be made.

Jamie O’Hara will take control of first team duties and will look to immediately make his mark by looking at bringing in some young talented academy players to add to the good experience we have.

"From all at the club we wish Harry all the best for the future and we thank him for all his efforts and successes in his time here.

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I read that too and the exact same line jumped out at me - it couldn’t get any sillier over there!

I’ll be over at your game against Lewes at the end of the month, looking forward to watching a game as a neutral for a change.

Ah nice! We got tonked on Saturday, so looking to bounce back in the FA cup this Saturday. Then two home games with Lewes as the second one, normally a bit of needle against them as we seem to always nick victory haha

The Billericay Circus continues

Glenn has stepped down as the owner of the club

I’m not sure how you can step down from owning something, but there we go.


The summer windfall has gone already?!

I’m sure it was around this time last year he originally said he was going to sell the club.

A few DiS favourites at Chesham last night (posted by John Robins)


As sure as Sunday follows Saturday and Gideon pens a fawning review of him chum’s book, the curse of the FA registration system once again plays havoc in the FA Cup.

Grays Athletic were thrown out yesterday having fielded an ineligible player in the previous round as a sub for 20 minutes (next round plays today) after not receiving international clearance.

The fact that he played for two other English clubs between playing abroad and Grays is neither here nor there.

Absolutely astonishing that this continues to happen and the FA don’t actually out a registration system in place that doesn’t mean clubs and secretaries have to jump through hoops all the time.

In fact, it’s not even that, it’s that clubs do everything in good faith, checks, double checks and yet still, when an error gets caught by the FA, they abdicate any responsibility or disallow any mitigation. It’s such bullshit. One wonders how many players slip through the net.


I support Tiverton Town this season. Good start to the season. Former Argyle man River Allen scoring a few. Should smash lower league minnows Bristol Manor Farm in the cup today (expect a 2-1 defeat)

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Credit to Grays for taking it on the chin and not dragging things out for the other clubs involved - we all know how pointless appeals against thing kind of thing are.

You’re spot on with the FA’s own culpability - this happens a couple of times in the FA Cup every year at the moment and it’s always an understandable error… Surely they’d want to protect the integrity of their competition and improve their systems to reduce the numbers of errors made?