Non-League Football Thread - 2019/20 (Rolling)

And there’s the added benefit of the nuclear explosion in Ruislip with null and void.

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It’s a shame they’re not top, but 3rd on PPG.

FA statement that the season for Steps 3 to 7 is now over.

All results will be expunged, season null and void. No relegation or promotion

They’re still working with the National League to determine the best way forward for them.

Fair to say the reaction has been mixed on Twitter - either way the FA were going to be damned.

That said, they’ll do well if they allow the Steps 1 & 2 to be decided on a Points per Game basis. Maldon & Tiptree, for example, 28 points clear at Step 4, would probably be seeking legal advice I expect. And others, some of whom have already guaranteed promotion on the field.

National League North/South are meant to be expanding to 24 teams I think from next season, so I assume that will be delayed for a season?

Yes - the FA’s statement has already said that the restructuring due this summer has been deferred for a year.

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I’d expect the same with NLN/NLS.

Although King’s Lynn would be top on a PPG basis, I have mixed feelings about going up:

  • our form has been atrocious so I would have expected us to miss out on top spot
  • we wouldn’t be able to properly celebrate promotion
  • who knows who’s going to still be in business once this blows over
  • it all feels a bit immaterial right now
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It’s the right call IMO. Teams are gonna lose out either way, but in most cases (the likes of Maldon being the exception) I can’t see how you can justify relegating teams on two thirds of a season.

And that’s the absolute crux of it for me.

The club Twitter feed is full of players, fans, some other club’s feed going postal but ultimately, there are much bigger things at stake right now.

Yes, there’s money and hours and 600 mile round trips that have amounted to nothing but y’know what, it’s football.


Good news from a coding point of view too?

I don’t have to recalculate the league table, so yes.

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The National League have suspended the competition indefinitely.

No clue on whether that means the season is over or not. Their statement was a classic non-statement.

In other news, more than 100 clubs at step 3 and below have put their name to a letter to the FA complaining about the decision to null and void the current season. Strangely enough, the vast majority of those clubs are at the top / near the top of their respective divisions.

What a fucking mess.


Enjoying the chairman trying to argue not being promoted will send their clubs bust. :thinking:

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It’s not over yet - the ‘expunged’ decision hasn’t actually been ratified it seems. Clubs across all Steps below National League/N/S can, and are, appealing the decision.

Hastings and Worthing are leading the charge and apparently over 60 clubs have written a letter to the FA.

I know it’s an impossible situation but I personally would like to see all seasons completed - it’s not like this has happened, say, before Christmas, we are in the final stretch - even if that means waiting unti lthe Government give the all-clear, behind closed doors, limited crowd attendance etc.


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Of course, when’s all said and done, despite the cancellation, I think we can all agree that York City were the champions of people’s hearts.

£125 million support package for EFL and National Leagues

And not a penny for “The National Game”. Solidarity indeed.


Didn’t expect any.


So, at least the leagues below the National League showed some degree of decisiveness. Read on in the below article.

In other news, the FA Council appear to have ratified the end of the season at Steps 3 and below leaving the South Shields Chairman with a Good Friday of phoning around lawyers, so he says.

And of the £125m package provided by the Premier League - £53,000 goes to each National League club and £13,000 to each NLS / NLN club. Clubs below that? Absolutely jack shit.