Non-League Football Thread - 2019/20 (Rolling)

Who would be up for a potential non-league meet up in the coming season?

  • Good idea. I’d like to watch some non-league football, and go to a nice pub after with like minded DiSers.
  • No thank you.
  • I don’t even like football, no idea why I’m even in this thread.

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Feel free to recommend clubs and pub combinations.

Carshalton and The Hope.
Whyteleafe and The Radius Arms.

Would echo both of those.

Anyone wanting to visit Hendon, I can guarantee the red carpet treatment, albeit without a red carpet.

I reckon we could conceivably take forty or fifty to Truro if it’s a Saturday. Without getting all ‘Wealdstone’ about our away following, we do travel well to all corners of the country, particularly in terms of % of home support.

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Any Eastleigh fans? I’ll be at their game against Yeovil (second game of the season) if anyone wants to see the sights beforehand.

It’s the only game I’ll be going to this season. I refuse to acknowledge us as a non league team, so am gonna boycott. (Jk. It’s because I live in another country).

Anyone understand the cup structure for non-leagers? As a recent convert to NL, it’s the one bit I find absolutely baffling. They seem to play in about 9 cups, and they go on forever.

I mean, Manor Farm landing a sweet early season tie at home to Bristol Rovers development squad in the Madeuppotron Cup is a sweet bonus evening out, but good lord I don’t understand what is going on.

Someone else might be able to go into more depth but having followed Bath City a bit when I lived there it seems that NL first teams play in at least one local or regional cup, usually named after someone, as well as the FA Cup, FA trophy and FA vase, depending on how high up the pyramid they are. City v Welton Rovers was always a bit tasty.

It’s a lot of cups isn’t it? I traditionally hate all cups (for my “proper” team), but with BMF I am just happy to be out more.

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In 1998, Redditch United did so well in 3 of the 5 cups they were in that they had to play their last 9 league games in the last 9 games of the season #nonleague


It depends a bit on the team and region.

Most sides will be in the FA Cup and either the FA Vase or FA Trophy.

Then, most leagues will have a League Cup.

In addition, there tend to be sundry County Cup competitions as well which depends fully on which county FAs the clubs are full or associate members of.

So, for Hendon, we play in the Middlesex Senior Cup as full members and the London Senior Cup as associate members (or vice-versa in terms of membership) - many other clubs in Middlesex also play in the Middlesex Charity Cup but we don’t contest that any longer.

That’s five compeitions.

I think our record for games in a season is 73 - 42 league and 31 in cups.

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Would rather Argyle put a good team into a regional cup than the fucking Checkatrade tbh.

Love a bit of a Non League fixture pile-up. In 2000 we were scheduled to play three games on the last day of the season!


It’s all part of the non league charm. Tonbridge are always absolute gash in cup competitions so it’s great fun to watch obnoxious over achievers in league and cup begin to crumble in the league as the fixture congestion takes its toll! (Billericay had a bit of this in 2018, so satisfying that we played them at home during this period)

Yeah, same. We played them in March 2018 and absolutely murdered them 4-1. Could have been 6 or 7.

We’ve got them in a friendly on Tuesday night at home. Can’t wait, especially since I see Glenn’s popped his head out of the big top again recently. :roll_eyes:

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I work with a couple of non-league players, and I absolutely love their tales from behind the scenes. One is on a goal bonus of meat, because the club owner is a butcher.


Haha, I love that! I offered our new centre-forward a trial goal bonus of a packet of pistachios via Twitter a couple of weeks ago.


There are three brothers in the same team, so for their Christmas bonus, everyone else got a turkey, but they got a turkey, a joint of beef, and a joint of ham.

What a drive back in the car that must’ve been (to their mum).


@he_2. The week that I’m down in Swanage, Dorchester Town are away, to Hendon of all teams!

Ha! What are the chances? That’s mid September then?

If Wimborne are at home they’re a lovely club to visit.

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Yeah first week after schools go back, when places will be a bit quieter to visit.

Are there any other supporters of National League North here? Just wondering who to avoid when we inevitably get relegated in the spring.