Non-League vs Premier League - official thread (FA Cup)

I’d imagine The Sun’s offer was the only one on the table, tbh. They will have had to make a pretty quick decision and without anything else anywhere near as good then can they really turn down some income that could secure jobs/youth teams/status etc.

Is this shitshow the official weekend thread then?

Think a fresh thread would be better, tbh. Depends if anyone can be arsed in the morning though, I guess.

(or now if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic)

Who do you think will qualify?

  • Sutton
  • Arsenal

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  • Burnleh
  • Lincoln

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  • Fulham
  • Spurs

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  • Huddersfield
  • City

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  • Blackburn
  • 'nited

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  • Wolves
  • Chavs

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  • Boro
  • Oxford

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  • Millwall
  • Leicester

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Real game, Newcaslte v Villa is on Monday fellas

Seeing as NON LEAGUE is in the title of this thread and I won’t be made to feel unwelcome for talking about non-league football that isn’t Dulwich, hi!!

Sutton were one of my least favourite non-league teams after their manager Paul Doswell stamped on our captain at the time and got sent off. Bit of a brawl ensued. An incredibly libellous but charming chant about Doswell was a crowd staple for a few years after that and we gave them a whole verse in the “If you all hate [Maidstone/Dover/Sutton], clap your hands!” song. One time we sang it against Carshalton and their fans joined in, which was lovely.

In any case our current manager was their coach for a while and his contacts have helped us get a pretty great squad that’s far better than any squad we’ve had previously (in my decade of going to games at least), so I’ll be cheering them on.

As for The Sun stuff… obviously not ideal but pretty much any non-league team would have your arm off for that deal. So many established NL clubs have gone bust or got into shitty situations chasing extra funding - even when it’s often due to mismanagement or naively selling the club to rich men who get bored after a few seasons or have dodgy ulterior motives:

Truro FC:
Salisbury FC:

I’m sure Liverpool’s fans won’t mind when they give £££ to non-league clubs rather than spending it on players for themselves :slight_smile:


I was going to congratulate @urbanfox for consistently picking the underdogs there, only for him to ruin it by picking Millwall in the final poll.


I was going to go for Arsenal or Leicester to win, but wasn’t sure if poll-based bants would be picked up on

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Off to Stourbridge vs Blyth Spartans today. First ever non-league game.

Cranberry juice :heavy_check_mark:
Repeat prescription of Trimethoprim :heavy_check_mark:
Stinging urethra :heavy_check_mark:



Took me a minute to fully understand this - excellent work!

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Had £100 on Huddersfield beating a weakened City at 7/1.

Literally free money.

Bants aside, I genuinely think Huddersfield have a decent chance. They’ve been looking good in the League, home advantage, City are lacking consistent form, etc.

Mind you, you really have to feel sorry for whoever has Blackburn today. They’ll be massively up for it after a stinging defeat last week. Got three points for the Rovers written all over it.

Pretty sure Stinging Urethra are playing the Full Moon next week.

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There must be a punk/riot grrrl band with this name, shirley?

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what are the sun chucking them? 10k 100k , £1m ? i have no idea,

But would’ve been good if liverpool had said to sutton “bin off the Sun, we’ll give you the money ourselves”


Three points! I’m clearly still half asleep.

Got a betting question here

I went to put a small accumulator on a 4 team, both teams to score

but I’ve by accident put a doubles bet on - it says 6 x 0.50 doubles (i put £3 on by accident, no idea how) - what does this bet even mean

A double is a two part accumulator - you’ll get a much smaller return if all four win but you’ll get something back if two win.

It will probably have cost you more because it’s more bets.