Non-Lyrical Vocalisations (Oooh, Aaah, La-la-la etc.)

Please use this thread to post songs or mention artists who make best use of non-lyrical vocals. We’re talking Ooohs, we’re talking Aaahs, we’re talking Ba-ba-baas. Preferably with harmonies and enough to be a significant portion of the song, not just whacking an “Ow!” at the end of a line.

Grizzly Bear are kings at this and the “Friend” EP has 3 of the absolute best examples imo.

This first one is one of my favourite minutes of music of all time:

Some lovely Ba-ba-baas from Feist.

The last minute of Death with Dignity. Cor! You could swim in that sound.

Please post some more.

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Let’s get the millenal whoop out the way

The end of ‘Mother’ by John Lennon is good for this but not really musical. Id say it’s a big enough part of the song to meet your criteria


I mean, I could post pretty much any Cocteau Twins song here, but this is a particularly good example:


More percussive than harmonious but this throaty drawl basically is the song.


My favourite example of this type of thing.

Kevin Rowland is repeatedly asked by his mate Bill “what’s she like?”. He spends the first part of the song telling him what she isn’t like, basically an opportunity to hilariously attack those he disapproves of (newly wealthy peasants, people who use words like “fabulous” and “super”, CND, the English upper classes…) He then has a moment of revelation where he realises how to perfectly express what she is Like. The final part of the song is Dexys going full throttle whiile Kevin growls, moans, woah woah’s and la-la’s like his life depends on it.

Still the funniest, angriest, and most transcendent love song I’ve ever heard.


Oh oh
Oh oh

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thugger has loads of these but particularly like the little brrr bop bop bop on this one

Suppose ‘Come On Eileen’ is the best version of this really

Forest Swords has a knack for this, using vocal samples in a similar way Burial does but chopping out the words altogether.

You’re right, that’s what I meant to post tbh. rookie mistake.

None better:

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