Non-new music day 17/12/2021

In the spirit of International Start a Threat Day, I thought I’d have a go…

There’s basically nothing out, except another of John Dwyer’s jazz pieces:

What do you listen to during these desert weeks… revisit AOTY lists? Rediscover lost classics? Try and get into prog? (I’ve done all of these in recent years).


Tierra Whack released her third great ep of the month yesterday- the three together constitute the last great album of the year.


A soundtrack, an abstract rap single and a live recording is all I could scrape from the barrel today other than that John Dwyer album. Otherwise I’m only up to March in my revisit of the year ahead of finalising my AotY list.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - La Panthère Des Neiges (Original Soundtrack)

Serengeti - Captain Malena 2

Viagra Boys - Shrimp Sessions 2 (Live)


Actually I spoke to soon, this dropped since last night:

Boldy James & The Alchemist - Super Tecmo Bo

Second rap album of the year for the excellent pairing of arguable the most in form rapper and producer of recent years.


The Cradle - Half A Double Life
This album sounds quite interesting and nice actually. Folky, fantastical, Americana solo person. Can’t see much about them, but a previous album from a few years ago got an 8.0 from pitchfork in case that’s your thing:

The DeRevolutions - The Modern Twerk EP
They released a 62 track album a couple of months ago, but seemingly have an extra five tracks left over. Sample-filled Go Team kinda sounds.

Hidden Rivers - Golden Age Of Dereliction
Not really my thing, but it’s a slow week! IDM instrumental sort of tracks. The description makes a comparison to Boards Of Canada, but maybe that’s a lie.

Team Dreams / Sin Fang, Solely, Orvar Smarason - Dream Is Murder
Icelandic supergroup (Orvar is from the band Múm). They recorded and released a track every month this year, and compiled it together for this album on More Music (similar to their excellent Team Dream album from a few years back). It looks like this has been pushed back a few days until the 21st along with the vinyl, although most of the individual tracks are on Spotify. I’ve been avoiding listening to the singles, as I wanted to listen to them as an album, but I’ve been looking forward to this all year.


Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined

Pretty stellar cast reworking B G-C’s revered 1986 album, including Bon Iver, Julia Holter, Arca, Ana Roxane, Blood Orange and Kelsey Lu.


Ah yes, I had heard and liked the Kelsey Lu track earlier in the year. Listening now!


Nice new double A side from Hann (or double D-side as they call it, where you decide which is the A)

and a mix compilation from Purple Disco Machine

…and that’s about it, Ron.

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Gonna be a slow day

this is out …not sure what it is…pop/emo?

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John Dwyer (of Osees), Ryan Sawyer, Greg Coates,Wilder Zoby, and Andres Renteri

“think” this came out today

this EP sounds quite nice

Will stick the John Dwyer one on, even if I don’t always love them I like him experimenting with things!

Regarding slow weeks, I usually go back to albums in the year that haven’t clicked yet and give them another go. Done that recently with the last Manchester Orchestra, and found it finally fell into place and I really love it now.

Edit: oh my friend released a single today, lovely piano music.

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O’Brother have a live studio recording of their album Garden window for it’s 10th anniversary.
Great, noisy indie rock.

Ejeca has an ep out. The lead single was a techno banger.

Maelstrom and Fasme have a joint ep out. Swinging between chilled and techno bangers.

Pet Brick have new ep. Igor Cavalera’s noise band.

That’s a pretty good week to be honest :smiley:

I have my AotY list picked, need to get it finished this weekend.


New album from incredible Japanese Math-pop-rock group Tricot: Jyodeki. Rumours it is their last album, sounds a little less mathy than some of their other stuff so far but still slaps.


Woah, absolutely bumper week this week.

Not really.

Various Artists - A Damaged Christmas Gift For You

Spotify says it came out last week but given we’re not exactly flush this week… A Christmas album from the Damaged Goods label featuring Wild Billy Childish, The Courettes, Poly Styrene and Holly Golightly

The Wake Singers - The Wake Singers

Native American (Oglala Lakota) band from South Dakota with an album of downtempo indie rock.

Johnny Marr - Fever Dreams Part 2

Heeeeerrrre’s Johnny. With the second EP of his Fever Dreams indie rock.

Joanathan Richman - Want To Visit My Inner House?

No Modern Lovers these days, just an offbeat troubadour doing his thing.

Brix Smith & Marty Willson-Piper - Lost Angeles

Physical release only, it looks like? This is the Brix Smith ‘lost album’ made in between her stints in The Fall and meant to be a follow-up to her Adult Net project.

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Nice end of year comp from Anjunadeep out today.

Usual enjoyable mix of downtempo and deep house.

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About time we got something new from Nick Cave! Typical soundtrack album really - nice background music with a few lovely moments from time to time. Can never have too much Warren Ellis violin.

Happy to have a few quiet weeks - can try to catch up on the year now at last.

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Apologies in advance as I’ve got a collection of weird from some quite obscure acts, its what I’ve been listening to so far today on a pretty slow week for the big releases, but at least these are ‘new’-ish. Hopefully there is something for everyone:-

Munz - He Would Have Said EP - Glitch Jazz
Trip Hop and Glitch plus some nice jazz sax and piano. This will either break you or make you.

Sociedad Síntrica Dodecafónica - Lodazal de Egos EP - Alt Rock
Noise & Post Rock meets Twee Pop. Its odd but never boring.

Ulysses Rose - EP1 - Fuzzy Garage Folk
I really like the track Onett, not listened to the rest yet but looking forward to it.

Luke Taylor - RULE FOLLOWER - Jazz Fusion
A talented bassist with an album that starts as funk rock but goes to dark places, at the very least its never boring.

Wisbands - Twilight EP - Indie
Technically not out till tomorrow (18/12) but I figure I’d get it included. Dreamy Indie Rock that has hints of country; it sort of reminds me of Frank Black & the Catholics. I liked the sample track ‘River’ so looking forward to hearing the rest.

Hetchy - Transmissions from elsewhere - Lo-fi House
Relaxing interesting tracks that have a positive vibe to them. A nice release to get lost in since each track leads into the next.

Salem Moon - Happy Sad - Dream Pop / Shoegaze
Blown out guitar with sullen lyrics. Nothing new but quite good.

No Girl - Whelmed - Alt Pop
Short looped melodies, synth and dreamy folk singing layered on top. Its nice one to sink into.

Fug - Climate EP - Downtempo Electro
Some nice experimental electro beats from Japan. Track 1&2, 3&4 and 5 are all seperate recordings with their own specific arrangements.

destroying_castles_in_the_sky - DEMO​(​N) - Electro Punk
Shouty lady Electro Metal from Argentina, whats not to like. It never slows once for the full album and its full of bangers, although a tad too much Crash cymbal, imo.

Ha Vay - 2021 demos - Pop
“original demos, recorded on an iphone at 2am. so you can hear these how i wrote them, stripped and raw and intimate, before any studio edits. i write stream-of-consciousness so you’ll likely notice that some lyrics and details changed before the final studio recording was made.” The album edits of both Fragile and Sawtooth are available on her YouTube channel as well as Bloodlust being available later today (17/12).

Average Datasheet of Mice & Vegetables - Baked Jeans (Refried Pants) - Improvised Rock
Recorded Dec 11th and released today, very improvised, but I really like it. Also what a name!

Disseriph - Anthology - Alt Folk Rock
“Just in time for the tenth anniversary of Disseriph’s debut, this Anthology gathers all the material from EPs, Singles, Compilations, as well as some live material spanning 2011-2017 in one handy collection.”
Guitars + Singing, who know it could work!?! I quite like the melodies with diminished chords all over the place and from what I can work out the lyrics are interesting.

Threedom - The Shire Jams - Cosmic Funk
Live recording of a gig at The Shire, Portland in May 2021. Far too good for a live recording and its been nice to have in the background today.

Soul Latte - Soul Latte - Funky House
A short EP made for playing music on Live Streams, its got some funky tracks on it though.

Irca - Precursor Single - Industrial Techno
I prefered the single The Created but this one is a bit of fun.


listen to all the stuff i said i would listen to in these threads every week and then never did